Steh auf (Lindemann): the meaning of the song and video

Steh auf (Lindemann): the meaning of the song and video

September burned out from the new composition of the Lindemann metal project. Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren blasted a great clip through the expanses of YouTube. The song received both a heavy industrial sound and a lyrical acoustic form. The secret meaning of all aspects of the hit touched the nerves of the admirers of the talent of the German team. The authors put in several important messages at once, which amaze with their depth.

“Steh auf” Lindemann: the meaning of the song

The text of the hit is heavy for quick perception, but has a poetic form familiar to the author. The gloomy vocal performance and colorful pictures of the verses enter into dissonance, showing the non-triviality of the composition.

Heute ist ein schöner Tag

Am Himmel fliegen bunte Drachen…

Today is a wonderful day

Colorful kites fly in the sky…

Similar formulations of simple joys are used in the second verse, so it is not worth repeating them. Positive words paint a picture of children’s perception of the world, where everything is fine, where you can go to the circus and drink lemonade. But in contrast to everything good, the inaction of the hero of the song is demonstrated.

Doch du bleibst einfach liegen

Augen offen, Wangen blass…

But you just lay down

Eyes open, cheeks pale…

One of the messages is revealed by the phrase “Why are there black holes on the arms, on the legs?”, which is perceived as a reference to the character’s drug addiction. This understanding is correct, but too narrow.

The narrative describes the problem of a child whose mother suffers from drug addiction and does not pay him due attention. The son is waiting for the mother to get up, but all expectations are in vain. A sad picture is emerging.

But the call “Steh’ auf!” (Get up!) refers to all listeners. We are talking about the fact that we are surrounded by so much beautiful and magnificent. Until you tear your butt off the sofa, a miracle will not happen. Someone from laziness and illegal substances can resort to. So both messages are complementary.

After listening to the lyrical remix of Steh auf, a feeling creeps in that something has been hidden from the listener’s attention. And there is.

In late August, Thiel posted a touching photo with his mother. Here it is:

Til Lindemann's mother
Til Lindemann with his mother

Remember the words of the new song and feel the beauty of the game. Mama, Steh’ auf, gib wieder auf (Mom, get up! Come on, stop it!). An obvious reference to a wheelchair-bound mother. The words Steh’ wieder auf! (Get up again) make it clear that the person was not always like this, because the main character asks to get up again and return everything as it was before. The children’s joys depicted in the text confirm this conjecture, because for mothers we are always children.

Meaning of the clip Steh auf: analysis of references

The clip is striking in its eccentricity. The video sequence immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of a drug trip, which is caught by one of the band members, most likely Peter Tägtgren. He watches with bewilderment Til’s struggle with himself. Some kind of split personality caused by the abuse of bad substances. The actors were ideally chosen to display the internal confrontation. Who was in the video? Link answer.

The red room, in which part of the events takes place, symbolizes the head of the character. Wonderful things happen in it. It is the breakthrough of the Kazakh horde that confirms this version, because it gives a reference to a sharp deterioration in the health of the character. As a result, we see the lifeless body of Til Lindemann. The hero played by Tägtgren got up from the toilet too late, although he was asked to do so throughout the song.

Fans offer many options for understanding the clip. Sometimes it even comes to the search for political subtexts: the Germans are busy with no idea what, they are fighting with each other, corrupting public morality, while refugees from the east burst into their homes (they are personified by the horde of Kazakhs). It is likely that such a reference was not without, because Lindemann does not silently pass by politics, as evidenced by the songs of the Rammstein group Deutschland and Radio. The meaning of these songs (and clips) is not simple.

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Steh auf (Lindemann): the meaning of the song and video
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