Top 10 Legendary Formula 1 Drivers of All Time

Top 10 Legendary Formula 1 Drivers of All Time

Prepare to be captivated as we venture into a heated debate: who ranks among the top 10 legendary drivers in the storied history of Formula 1. We’ve cast our net wider than the mere precision of lap times, curating this list with an eye on the drivers’ comprehensive legacies. This includes their performances, their enduring influence in the realm of motorsports, and their contributions that transcend the cold hard data.

Best F1 Driver of All Time

#1 Ayrton Senna

Topping our list of legendary Formula 1 icons, Ayrton Senna’s legacy transcends the track. Celebrated for his exceptional speed and supreme racing prowess, Senna is universally acclaimed as a titan of Formula 1 history. His illustrious tenure is marked by winning three World Championships.

#2 Lewis Hamilton

Our comprehensive evaluation identifies Lewis Hamilton as a leading figure in Formula 1 racing history. Despite sharing the honor of seven world championships with the legendary Michael Schumacher, Hamilton excels beyond his peers designed after a multi-faceted analysis to bridge different racing eras within the sport’s evolution.

Throughout his illustrious tenure in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has epitomized steadfast performance and excellence. Out of his total 316 races, he maintains an extraordinary average finish position of 4.76 – an indicator of his unparalleled progress and consistent top-tier placements within the sport.

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#3 Juan Manuel Fangio

Check it out, speed fans! The legendary Juan Manuel Fangio, aka the ‘Maestro’, zooms into 3rd place on our list of all-time F1 legends. Back in the ’50s, this champ claimed the World Championship title five times — talk about a winning spree that was untouched for years!

Fangio wasn’t just about speed; he was super-smart on the track and a wizard at handling all sorts of race cars. Can you believe he rocked the race world with his epic victory at the super-challenging Nürburgring track in ’57? That race is still known as one of the slickest moves in F1 history!

#4 Michael Schumacher

When discussing the titans of Formula 1 racing, Michael Schumacher’s name is a constant. Yet, a closer analysis of performance statistics reveals that Lewis Hamilton has outshone the legendary Schumacher. Looking at the numbers, Hamilton’s average race finish is superior, showcasing his extraordinary ability to consistently secure top positions.

#5 Max Verstappen

With only a year of car racing under his belt, Max Verstappen, following in the footsteps of his father and former F1 competitor Jos, swiftly ascended to Formula 1. He honed his skills in the single-seaters during the Florida Winter Series, yet it was his impressive run in the 2014 European Formula 3 championship that caught everyone’s eyes. Finishing just behind Tom Blomqvist and the champion Esteban Ocon, Max clinched third place with an outstanding 10 victories out of 32 races, including an impressive streak of six straight wins.

#6 Fernando Alonso

It’s truly regrettable that the most seasoned veteran of Formula 1 has managed to secure merely a pair of world championships. The remarkably consistent and swift Fernando Alonso has repeatedly showcased his extraordinary talent to elevate a car beyond its natural competitive level. His victory in 2005 was a testament to his strategy of accruing steady podium finishes, which ultimately surpassed the faster yet less dependable McLaren driven by Kimi Raikkonen.

#7 Alain Prost

Throughout his dynamic tenure in Formula 1 racing, Alain Prost faced formidable competition, most notably from the legendary Ayrton Senna. Prost’s record includes participation in 199 Grand Prix events and achieving 55 victories. Prior to his retirement, he had clinched four World Championship titles. Until now, many fans review those races through online free VPN for inspiration. The sum total of Prost’s earnings from his illustrious career is estimated to be around $100 million.

#8 Kimi Räikkönen

Despite having stepped away from the racing circuit, Kimi Räikkönen, the Finnish legend known in the F1 world as “The Iceman,” is heralded as one of the greatest drivers to have graced the track. It is estimated that his net worth hovers around the $250 million mark, ensuring that his post-racing years can be spent in comfort and security.

#9 Alain Prost

Positioned fifth in our esteemed ranking of the top ten all-time greats in Formula 1 history, Alain Prost earned the nickname “The Professor” for his masterful strategic thinking on the track. Prost’s storied career is accentuated by his four World Championships and numerous triumphs—51 Grand Prix wins to be exact.

#10 Jody Scheckter

Jodi stands out as South Africa’s most celebrated F1 racing star. With an impressive record as the sole South African to clinch a Formula 1 championship, he boasts 10 grand prix victories, maintaining a win rate of nearly 9%.

After his illustrious racing days, Jodi transitioned into a thriving career in agriculture business, amassing a considerable fortune. As of March 2023, he’s amassed a net worth that tops an incredible $100 million.


Is it possible to challenge this selection of the best F1 drivers? Yes, because the results directly depend on the factors that will be taken into account. However, to a large extent this will only mean a change in the ranking of these great riders. Most will still remain on the list, because it is impossible to deny their contribution to the world of F1.

Top 10 Legendary Formula 1 Drivers of All Time


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