Adieu Meaning: What Are Rammstein’s Video and Song About?

Adieu Meaning: What Are Rammstein’s Video and Song About?

When Rammstein introduced the song Adieu from the Zeit album, many fans began to suspect that the band was ending its career. The video clip (short film to be precise) for this song added fuel to the fire. The viewer is struck not only by the incredible quality of shooting and directing, but also by the meaning that the authors hid behind references and Easter eggs.

Meaning of the Rammstein’s «Adieu»

The lyrics of the song are very straightforward at first glance. The first thought that comes to the listener’s mind concerns the band’s unexpected goodbye. After a few lines, it becomes clear that this is not Rammstein leaving, but someone who matters to them and is really dear to the musicians. However, none of the group members announced their departure, there was no news about the death of their loved ones either. Therefore, Adieu should not be taken too superficially.

“Only death stands against time from time immemorial.


It will certainly drag everything under her dark cover”.

There is no goodbye in this. This is an understandable philosophy that reminds everyone of the transience of life. Time must be valued, even though sometimes it plays against us. But on the opposite side of the scales is death. It is better to find a compromise with time.

“In the end you’re all alone

But we will be with you.”

These lines are not about death here and now. Sooner or later we will all be gone. But every fan should know that their favorite music will be with them until the very end. Rammstein hints to them – we do it for you.

It’s pretty obvious that Adieu’s song isn’t really about goodbye. However, the release of the clip confused all the cards and added new meanings.

Rammstein «Adieu»: Video Meaning

Meaning of the Rammstein’s Adieu

The action takes place in Paris. A magnificent building is the Grand Opera. Music lovers will appreciate this location for filming.

We see how the Rammstein group in various religious paraphernalia approaches the theater in a small armored van. Stopping in front of the facade of the Grand Opera, the squad runs down the stairs into the room. The heroes kill the guards and move to the center of the building, where a fierce firefight begins. And here we have a massive door behind which capsules with clones of musicians are hidden. They’re on life support, and their skin is covered in some kind of goo. Flake takes out a laptop to break open this impregnable door. And so, the door is broken and without stopping the shootout, the heroes go inside the protected premises. The detachment is fascinated by their doubles.

The musicians comfort each other, but they need to do what they came here for. Paul opens the canister and starts filling the capsules with combustible mixture.

Richard throws a burning cigarette and a flame erupts. The clones are burned alive.

Next, we see a gigantic basement, the roof of which is supported by giant sculptures of musicians. In the center is a cage, and around it are silent people, covered with some kind of crust. Here we are shown that the red beam comes from the prisoners who look just like our heroes. They get out, pull the chains and the sculptures collapse, burying everything under them. End credits begin.

It would seem that everything, but it is in the credits that an unexpected plot twist is hidden. We see a dead Flake, next to which lies a laptop that has not yet completed breaking the door. On the way to the capsules lie the bodies of the rest of the squad. The red glow disappears.

It seems that under this song the group says goodbye to us and kills all extensions of itself. They want to stop everything, so they destroy possible artificial followers of their cause. The clones burn down, the musicians who were in the basement, the basement die under the rubble. In the credits, we see that even the original squad is dead. To deprive you of all doubts should be shots with a dying light.

Adieu Rammstein Meaning

However, we do not believe that the band is saying goodbye to us with this clip. In one of the interviews, the musicians said that the group would cease to exist only after the death of one of the members. Rammstein will rise like a phoenix from the ashes in a new video or album. The plot of the video seems to tell us that they may want to leave, but they are closely connected with the fans.

Now you can answer yourself the question if Rammstein says goodbye to the fans. Definitely not. But some transformations in style or image are quite possible.

Easter Eggs from the Clip

To begin with, I would like to note the red column of light. He clearly refers to the clip of Deutschland, in which he also played a big role. You can also remember the clip Ich Will, where there are similar moments of an armed attack.

It is worth paying attention to the inscription on the door: Mutter 22. This album also has a song with a similar name – Adios.

Many fans point to the characters’ outfits, comparing them to the monastic robes in the Rosenrot video.

The cage in the basement is reminiscent of the Mein Herz Brent video and the Mutter video at the same time. There is an obvious reference to the latter in the cage scene.

If we missed something, then feel free to write in the comments about other references that you noticed.

Adieu Meaning: What Are Rammstein’s Video and Song About?
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Radio Head
Radio Head

Was the beam coming from the cage or ending in the cage?


[…] Rammstein goes out with a literal, and gorgeous, bang (I was unsurprised to see Tarsem Singh listed in the credits). Warning for Rammstein-typical violence. […]


There are many scenes that take inspiration from Tarsem Singh “Immortals”. In that film there’s a very similar cage where the Titans are held captive. Also: the scene with all the clones fighting in the sky is a direct reference to an identical scene in the film.

Dani Rocha
Dani Rocha

Maybe a goodbye to the “old” Rammstein style… i hope they are not ending….