Måneskin “The Loneliest”: Meaning of the Song and Video Clip

Måneskin “The Loneliest”: Meaning of the Song and Video Clip

The Loneliest is a hit by the Italian band Måneskin. At first, the musicians delighted everyone with a deep text, and later they shocked everyone with a gloomy but deep video clip. Among the fans, disputes immediately began that the song was dedicated to some sad event. Before the release of the video, the meaning of the composition was not so obvious, but now we can confidently talk about some references and hints from the authors.

Måneskin «The Loneliest»: Meaning of the Lyrics

If you analyze the lyrics of the song as poetry, then you can see a painful love story. However, this is not about ending a long relationship. This is about the recognition by the main character that he has no chance of getting reciprocity from his beloved.

Damiano puts an end to it: «You’ll be the saddest part of me. A part of me that will never be mine». A man abandons futile attempts to woo a woman. In the end, he decided to speak directly about his feelings.

Why does the song talk about the death of the protagonist? These words should not be taken literally. The man died inside due to suffering from unrequited love. For the woman, he too is dead and is no longer available to her. He flips through this page for himself. «There’s just one thing I hope you know, I loved you so». This is the only farewell wish of the protagonist.

There is a theory that the song is not about unrequited love at all. A man dies and dedicates romantic lines to his beloved woman. In some lines, such notes are really visible. «And I just keep on thinking how you made me feel better. And all the crazy little things that we did together». Looks plausible enough. However, the reason for the separation is not completely clear in this case. Death is mentioned in only one line and it would be naive to take it literally.

To Whom Is the Song Dedicated?

Måneskin The Loneliest Meaning

Damiano has a beloved woman. Their relationship is perfect. The songwriter talks about an abstract relationship or an old love story. If you read between the lines, then there is a possibility that we are not talking about a couple at all, but about relatives (father / mother-child, brother-sister, close friends). In all these relationships there is a place for love, and parting brings pain. It seems that the song is dedicated to people close to the author.

Video Clip Meaning

The song The Loneliest by Måneskin received a spectacular video that can easily be called a short film. We can watch the funeral ceremony. It remains a mystery who exactly is in the coffin.

Damiano plays the lead role. It looks like he is attending his own funeral. If there was only one mention of death in the text, then the video is completely built on this topic. This hints that the author would like to put a piece of his life story into the video.

The author of the idea is the Italian director Tommaso Ottomano. Probably, in his life there was a tragic separation.

One of the criteria for evaluating the author’s message is the perception of the audience. This allows you to understand the director’s idea and what emotions he wanted to evoke in others. The video gained several million views in just a few days after the release. Most of the reviews are devoted to the fact that the audience thought about loved ones, that life is fleeting and you need to have time to devote time to your loved ones. This can be considered a condensed expression of the meaning of Måneskin’s «The Loneliest».

Måneskin “The Loneliest”: Meaning of the Song and Video Clip
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