Deutschland: the meaning of the video clip and song Rammstein

Deutschland: the meaning of the video clip and song Rammstein

In March 2019, the premiere composition of Rammstein’s new album, Deutschland, was released. The video has gained more than a million views in the first day after the release. With the growth of excitement around the composition, the network expanded articles that analyze the obvious historical parallels with the images of the clip. The true meaning of the text and video is left out. This unfortunate misunderstanding should be corrected, because Thiel and his team do not allow accidents.

The meaning of the clip Deutschland from Rammstein

The collective of the German rock machine offered its own vision of the history of Germany. The clip shows us the past, present and Ramstein version of the future of their homeland.

The author of the musical short film chose a juicy image of the country – a dark-skinned girl. This focuses attention on the dominance of immigrants in the developed countries of old Europe. The too sharp image of the Muslim woman Rama was abandoned. Moreover, such a move would be unethical and too obvious for the realities of Germany. But the black girl is perfectly combined with the German coat of arms – the black eagle.

Through the display of various bloody historical events, an understanding is formed that Germany is different. She may be a heroic mother standing up for her children against the invading Roman legions. But still the same mother kills her children in crazy wars. Yes, and the children do not forget to repay – we are talking about the image of the RAF fighters kidnapping the main character. The message is the need for a clear understanding that, while extolling the motherland, one must remember and take into account the controversy of its formation.

The red beam in the Rammstein Deutschland video draws attention to the immutability of Germany and the German people. Circumstances change, times change, but not the country. She is marked in the universe by a bright ray.

The group expresses its dissatisfaction with the current order of things. To change the deplorable situation, the country girl is sent into space. This is an image of the need for change. The girl flies away, but the red beam, indicating the age-old state, remains. Rammstein believe that the transformation of the homeland is possible.

The meaning of the song (text) Deutschland by Ramstein

The song, having a bunch of references to the early work of rockers, is one hundred percent consistent with the meaning of the video. The author expresses devotion and love for the motherland, but the reality is that there are no less reasons for hatred and anger towards the fatherland.

The poetic component of the song is aimed at conveying sharp dissonant emotions – love and hate, faith and disappointment. This also echoes the image of Germany, which is so diverse that even burst.

The ending of the text does not have any special references and hints. She repeats the chorus already performed earlier. But this is the essence of the song – despite not all the problems, the situation can be changed.

Deutschland: the meaning of the video clip and song Rammstein
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