Tyson McGuffin: Life and Earnings of Pickleball Star

Tyson McGuffin: Life and Earnings of Pickleball Star

Tyson McGuffin is a professional pickleball player from the United States. Known for his dynamism on the court and exceptional athletic ability, McGuffin has become a name to reckon with in the world of pickleball. The man has taken the sport to a whole other level. His vast experience in tennis, his love for the sport, and the support of his family helped him do so. We have collected unique facts about this athlete that Wikipedia does not write about.

Short Bio: Age, Education, Family

Tyson was born in 1991. He is originally from Lake Chelan, Washington. Unfairly little is known about his childhood, but the man deliberately does not go into details about his personal life. Sports were always encouraged in his family, so in college McGuffin was already showing a high level of playing tennis.

Career (Tennis and Pickleball)

Tyson had a talent for tennis. His father (wrestling coach) introduced him to his favorite sport, but his son had other plans for his athletic future. He gave up a wrestling scholarship for tennis. He ended up winning two tournaments at the state level and showed great promise as a future tennis star. He got a coaching licence and worked in several tennis clubs. The guy was in no hurry to participate in big competitions, because the coaching job was more stable and promising. This was very important to the young man.

Tyson McGuffin

He got into pickleball because of one of his charges. He was coaching an adult male who injured his shoulder right at practice. It was an unpleasant experience for everyone as well. The man recovered from the injury and took up pickleball. He talked Tyson into trying out for the sport. In 2017, McGuffin decided to make an unpopular decision and change his speciality.

In just a few training sessions he learnt the basic techniques of the game and thoroughly studied the rules. This was enough for his first victories:

  • Rankings: Tyson McGuffin was often one of the top ranked pickleball players, especially in singles.
  • Wins: He won numerous titles at national and international pickleball tournaments.
  • Teaching: Apart from playing, McGuffin is also a coach, passing on his skills to his students.
  • Brand partnerships: McGuffin has sponsorship contracts and partnerships with several brands related to sports and pickleball equipment.

Wife and Kids

Tyson has enough energy and inspiration not only for sports, but also for his family. He is married and has eight children. The eldest child has some peculiarities in development. The athlete also has two more children – son and daughter. His daughter was born to him as recently as 2020.

Tyson’s wife’s name is Megan. They have been together for many years. She supported him back when McGuffin was taking his first steps in professional sports.

Tyson McGuffin family

The role of the wife in the success of the athlete can not be overestimated. According to Tyson, she dresses him before every time he leaves the house. The way he looks at competitions and trainings is Megan’s merit. McGuffin really has a style and now it is clear who is the creator of this style.

Tyson McGuffin’s Net Worth

Can you get rich playing pickleball? Tyson is not a millionaire and does not swim in luxury. However, he earns significantly more than 10 years ago, when he was a young and talented tennis coach. Most sources estimate the pickleball star’s annual income at $200,000. This includes tournament fees and payments from sponsorship contracts. This is a very realistic figure that we trust. McGuffin could potentially become a millionaire, but right now we would not estimate his net worth above $600k. Our optimistic forecast is due to the fact that Tyson has been able to attract a large audience to pickleball. He has over 100k followers on Instagram, which automatically increases the price of advertising and royalties from sponsors. We are sure that McGuffin is on the verge of making his first million.

Regular sources of income for the athlete can include:

  • Payouts for participating and winning tournaments – usually not a lot of money given the popularity and media recognition of pickleball.
  • Coaching is a huge part of the man’s earnings. He is one of the most popular athletes in his sport and there are plenty of people wanting his valuable advice, skills and techniques.
  • Sponsorship contract with Selkirk Sports. It’s not a very big brand, but they are willing to pay their top star generously.

If your estimates of Tyson’s net worth differ from ours, then share your thoughts in the comments.

Tyson McGuffin: Life and Earnings of Pickleball Star
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