Bad Bunny, Neverita: meaning of the lyrics and clip, song translation

Bad Bunny, Neverita: meaning of the lyrics and clip, song translation

Bad Bunny ended the summer with an unusual track “Neverita”. He chose an interesting style from the past, touched on a love theme and finished the picture with an original clip. The Puerto Rican was smart and made fans puzzle over who the song and video was dedicated to. It turns out that they have a deep meaning that not all Hispanic listeners understood. For English-speakers, things were even more difficult. But our analysis of the translation and the author’s cunning hints will not leave any secrets.

What the Text Is About: Translation and Meaning in English

The text of the song is dedicated to the musician’s love affairs. This is not a new topic for his creation. However, this time he turned from a hero-lover into a victim of an insidious girl.

The name Neverita is better not to be translated into English. This is one of the types of sea snails. He named the main character girl that way because she was slow in relationships, while the musician was drowning in an ocean of feelings. Neverita can also be translated as “little refrigerator”. This is also an acceptable analogue, which does not contradict the meaning of the song. The girl hid her heart in the refrigerator, she hesitates, everything does not go according to Bad Bunny’s plan.

Here is a rough translation of the lyrics to Neverita by Bad Bunny. It will help you better understand the meaning of the whole story.

Bad Bunny Neverita English translation

Bad Bunny “Neverita” Lyrics Meaning

The album Un Verano Sin Ti breaks records for listening and viewing. The musician chose the theme of love and stuck to it in every track. Thus, the listeners were able to get a complete picture. Not everyone has noticed, but some songs are connected to each other and have a hint of a storyline. The hit Neverita is an addition to the song Titi Me Preguntó. Not everyone paid attention to this meaning of the track, but it is quite obvious.

If “Titi Me Preguntó” is about a guy who has known love with dozens of girls, but does not want a serious relationship, then “Neverita” turns the story on its head. Macho ran into a girl who can show character. It hurt his feelings.

It is not necessary to consider these two tracks separately if you want to understand the real message from the author. He wants to demonstrate that any man can be the weak link when it comes to love. This is retribution for his love affairs and broken women’s hearts. The main character deliberately ignores the guy in love. She tells him that she wants to be alone this summer. But this is not true. There are always a lot of lovers around the girl who are ready to rub her back with sun cream. This means that she deliberately hurts the author. In this song, Bad Bunny took on an unusual role and responded to all the haters who accused him of neglecting girls.

To Whom Is the Clip Dedicated?

In the clip, Bad Bunny paid his respects to another Puerto Rican star. The video for the song completely parodies Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” video. Bunny has shown that he appreciates and loves old school music. The deeper reasons for this reference remain unclear. However, the authors of the clip showed great attention to detail. For example, Neverita is available in maximum 480p quality, just like the original, which first hit YouTube in 2000. This is not a coincidence, because the first video for the song Neverita is available in 4k quality.

After such an act, one should not be surprised at the appearance of a joint composition of Bad Bunny and Elvis Crespo. Most likely, the musicians have already agreed on a collaboration and the video became a hint for the fans.

Bad Bunny, Neverita: meaning of the lyrics and clip, song translation
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