Frozen 3. The expected continuation of the magical story

Frozen 3. The expected continuation of the magical story

The premiere of Frozen 2 took place on November 22 in the United States and a little later in Russia and Ukraine. The sequel provides answers to important questions regarding Elsa’s magical abilities and sheds light on the family history of the two sisters (read the meaning and ending here).

Some experts have called “Frozen” the best film musical in the last few years. Against the backdrop of unprecedented excitement, the audience is already eager to continue. So, will there be a third part of the cartoon? What is the potential release date?

Will there be Frozen 3? Inside from the director

Not everything is so clear. One of the obstacles to the release of the third part is the second. Earlier in 2019, Chris Buck (of the ballad’s directorial staff) stated that both films “…should form a complete story.” At the end of the musical, Elsa declares that she and her sister are done with the dangerous adventure that took place in two parts.

Chris Buck photo
Chris Buck with the Best Animated Feature Award 2014 “Frozen”

But even if the queen believes that there will be no new adventures, it cannot be ruled out that the directors will come up with something new.

In an interview with Insider in September 2019 (at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California), Buck did not rule out a third film. He said:

“As the saying goes, never say never.”

Back then, Chris and his colleagues announced that there would be no cliffhanger in the second film, i.e. narrative break or open denouement. The story ended with a happy ending. Although some viewers noticed in the post-credits scene a hint of a sequel and the potential for movie number 3.

cold heart part 3
Anna’s dialogue with Olaf

Buck and Jennifer Lee (the screenwriter of the project) did not even plan the release of the sensational sequel, but history decreed otherwise, because there was a huge demand from both kids and adults.

Frozen 3 – the estimated release date of the third part of the cartoon

According to the assumptions of many news and entertainment portals, the new part may be released next November (2021). However, there is no official release date yet. This story was created based on Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen” and there is still a lot of plot intricacies that can be adapted and released a new amazing cartoon Frozen 3. We dare to assume that in the next part the sisters will face a villain (for example, Prince Hans) or evil, which will lead to further unification of the once warring peoples. Or vice versa, some event will again sow discord between the Erendelians and the Northuldras, and the animated characters will have to resolve the conflict and at the same time deal with external danger.

Interesting Facts

The Disney/Pixar film about sisterly love, curious snowmen, cute reindeer and ice realms has been a sensation since its 2013 debut. The debut release held the title of the highest grossing animated film in the world (until the release of The Lion King in 2019). Disney even hosted a Frozen ride themed ride at Norway’s EPCOT, which led to an influx of tourists in the northern country.

Frozen 3 watch
Famous Norwegian attraction

Based on the cartoon, a theatrical musical was created in 2018, which can be viewed in one New York theater.

Frozen 3. The expected continuation of the magical story
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