“Frozen 2”: what surprise awaits the audience after the credits?

“Frozen 2”: what surprise awaits the audience after the credits?

Post-credits scenes are often found after movies and cartoons, as they create some kind of “zest” and attract the attention of viewers more. Does such a scene exist in Frozen 2? Let’s figure it out.

Is there a post-credits scene in Frozen 2?

After the end of a lovely cartoon with a deep meaning, most of the audience will leave the cinema to the song “Into the Unknown”. But the most dedicated fans will be waiting – to see the bonus scene. The credits are very long (after all, hundreds of people took part in the creation of the film), but their patience will be rewarded – such a scene is provided, albeit a short one.

Frozen 2 Olaf
Olaf’s reasoning

After 5-10 minutes of waiting, you will see a snow-covered location, where the snowman Olaf again started talking. His verbosity sometimes annoyed the main characters a little during the main story, however, interesting facts often came out of his mouth (for example, that water can remember information). We do not undertake to judge the scientific or pseudo-scientific nature of this statement, but in the cartoon these properties of water played a huge role.

So, in the final scene, a funny snow creature talks about the most interesting moments of the musical. At the end of the speech, he says that a lot of things happened that he could not remember. He then addresses the audience (which you can’t see) and says “… that’s why I’m alive and so are you.” Perhaps this is an allusion to creatures whose life depends on the magic of Queen Elsa, because Olaf was sprayed on the plot, and then came to life (when the girl came to life).

Frozen 2 credits
Delightful Queen Elsa

If you got to the movie by accident, you won’t lose anything if you don’t see the post-credits scene. But if you are a fan of this universe, you should definitely wait.

Where can you watch the post-credits scene?

This scene (unlike the first part of the cartoon) is not on Youtube. You can see it at the cinema or watching the full version of the musical at home.

“Frozen 2”: what surprise awaits the audience after the credits?
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