Frozen 2: twists and turns of the plot and semantic lines

Frozen 2: twists and turns of the plot and semantic lines

The Disney team has unveiled the continuation of the legendary animated saga “Frozen” (“Cold Heart”). What did the writers come up with this time? Where will the story take Elsa and Anna? (Beware – spoilers at the end.)

“Frozen 2” – the essence of the film

The story begins with an illustration of the childhood of little Elsa and Anna, where the father tells the girls before going to bed how he got into the mysterious forest and witnessed the war between the kingdoms. Because of the bloodshed, the spirits got angry and bewitched the forest, obscuring it with fog and an impenetrable line.

Frozen 2 story
The opening footage of the cartoon “Frozen 2”

Then we are transported to real time, in which, after restoring relations with their sister, both live in the kingdom of Arendelle, headed by Elsa after the death of her parents. Everyone has their own life: Anna has a boyfriend, Christoph, who can’t find the right words to propose to his girlfriend, and Elsa is sad alone and hears a mysterious sound (female voice). But their destinies are intertwined and the girls cannot live without each other.

An incomprehensible voice haunts Elsa, and she decides to unravel the mystery of the enchanted forest and sets off on a journey with her faithful sister and friends. She manages to get inside the dome and begins a round of adventures.

At the beginning of the cartoon, there is a clear message: you need to appreciate what you have – friends, relatives, the world around you. For all this we must be grateful to life. Sometimes trouble happens. If you can’t see the future, you need to move on while you have strength, the little troll said to Anna.

Frozen trolls
Anna’s meeting with the troll

There are several semantic lines in the cartoon:

Love. The sisters live, play and sleep together. Anna is a reliable support for the young queen. Touching is the love line between Anna and Christophe, who unsuccessfully tries to propose. But a series of failures played into the hands of the guy, and he offered his hand and heart at the most opportune moment.
Friendship. The main friend and talker in the film is the snowman Olaf. He is friends with the girls, Sven the reindeer and Christoph. Sven also won the hearts of the audience with his spontaneity and cuteness.
Peace between nations. Seeds of discord were sown between the two peoples (Erendelians and Northuldrs). The queen was not afraid to find the unpleasant truth and made every effort to reconcile the warring nations. She became a bridge between them, because her mother was a Northuldra and her father was an Erendelian.

Frozen 2 ending explanation and spoilers. Is Elsa dead?

Elsa had to overcome a thorny path to get to Atohallan – the river of memory. There she was able to see the truth – it was her grandfather who broke the peace between the Northuldra and the Erendelians. During the feast, he simply killed the defenseless northuldra and the war began. During the knowledge of the secret, the queen freezes and actually dies, turning into an ice statue. For this reason, Olaf is sprayed into snowflakes.

Olaf the snowman
Beautifully drawn facial expressions of the snowman Olaf

Anna understands what is happening, but does not sit idly by. She realized that she needed to destroy the rowing that separates the two kingdoms. To do this, Anna irritates the titans and convinces the Erendels left in the enchanted forest to help her. After the destruction of the rowing, the enchantment from the forest falls and the fog dissipates. The spell has been lifted. However, a huge wave of water rushes towards Arendelle. Revived thanks to her sister’s devotion, Elsa instantly jumps to her native kingdom and creates an ice shield that stops the water pressure. The kingdom is saved, Olaf comes to life, Christoph finally fulfills his plan, the titans become kind and gentle – a happy ending.

Who sang Elsa?

Viewers may also wonder – what kind of voice does the charming queen hear and who sang to her? The girl herself thought that this was the voice of her mother, who remained in Atohallan due to the properties of water to remember the past (this theory was constantly voiced by an inquisitive snowman). An alternative explanation is the voice of Elsa herself, because she played the role of the fifth spirit. Perhaps due to her mythical and mysterious nature, she did not die after being frozen.

elsa Frozen
Queen Elsa’s magical powers

Will there be a continuation?

There are almost no hints of a sequel in the musical, other than mentions of the evil Prince Hans. Anna has become the Queen of Arendelle, and Elsa (as the possessor of magical powers) feels that she is more connected to the Northuldra. Therefore, she remains with the neighboring people and renounces the throne of Erendel. However, she periodically visits Arendelle on a water horse. Now the sisters rule the two kingdoms, while continuing to maintain a close family relationship. Let’s hope they have many more adventures in the future.

Frozen 2: twists and turns of the plot and semantic lines
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