Who starred in the sensational film “365 days”?

Who starred in the sensational film “365 days”?

The film adaptation of the Polish novel “365 Days” from the author Blanka Lepinski was eagerly awaited by all fans of the book of the same name. This story is quite rightly compared with the melodrama “50 Shades of Grey”. But the majority of viewers in Poland and other countries rated the movie much higher than its analogue because of the incredible coincidence of the image of the hero from the book with the actor who played the main role.

The working group and the selection of actors for the role of the film “365 days”

The drama started in cinemas in Poland on February 7, 2020, later it appeared on platforms for online viewing. The production studio is Netflix, which was a surprise for this genre. The writer of “365 Days” herself was constantly present on the set and contributed to the group of screenwriters, which included Tomas Mendez. For him, this project was his debut as a work on the script.

The director of a hot and very soulful film was Barbara Byalovas. This is the second picture in her filmography. The first project of 2012 “Big Love” scored a little more rating than the 2020 film drama. The International Film Critics Index stood at 3.6.

When choosing actors for the Polish film, it was important to preserve the magic of passion that unfolded on the pages of the novel. The main plot is tied to the relationship between the Sicilian mafia Massimo Torricelli and the kidnapped girl Laura. She is a prestigious director of an elite hotel and had no idea that for a whole year she would be wrapped in a crazy love for a cruel man.

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The cast at the premiere of “365 Days”

The film “365 days” – the names of the main actors

The charisma of the actors who starred in the sentimental drama won the majority of female viewers’ hearts. Anna Maria Seklyutskaya, or as her fans call her, Ama, was approved for the main role of Laura. The young actress from Poland was deeply immersed in history and worked closely with the author of the book throughout the filming process. There are, of course, opinions that the girl slightly does not match the appearance of the heroine and her body lacks sexuality. However, the artist herself notes that she gave all her best to reveal the image of a frightened and, at the same time, burning with desire Laura.

An ardent and tough lover was played by Michele Morrone. He is a real Italian, imbued with the passionate disposition of his nation, harmoniously entered the role of the protagonist. A burning brunette with a cold look obviously wins against the background of the same Jamie Dornan, who starred in the sensational film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. According to fans of this genre, Michele’s appearance is considered the most suitable for the role of such a plan.

Anna Maria Seklyutskaya and Michele Morrone

It is known that the author of “365 Days” released a trilogy, and for everyone who read this story to the end, it has long been no secret how the passionate romance will end. The main spoiler is that Laura will not stay with Torricelli. Her life will bring her to his complete opposite – a guy named Nacho, with whom she will end up with. The producers promise a sequel, but the name of the actor who will star in the role of the heroine’s chosen one has not yet been disclosed.

The connection between Massimo and the main actor from “365 days”

In addition to the main acting work, Morrone became the author of one of the soundtracks for 365 Days. The composition “Feel It” was included in the actor’s first solo album called “Dark Room”. It is not known whether this was a marketing ploy of the producers or only the sincere desire of the actor himself, but the music in the film packaged the entire project favorably.

Unlike his colleague Anna Maria, the Italian did not immerse himself in the story before receiving the script. Some scenes make you believe that Torricelli is a real cold-blooded killer and is not capable of showing feelings. He chose his captive not by chance – we will fill in the face of Laura Massimo after a tragic event in his life. And when I saw her again, I decided to fall in love with her at any cost. At first, the unfortunate girl even had to watch the mafia boss kill a man in front of her eyes. But later she saw in him a “barbarian” with the prefix “gentle and affectionate.”

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Morrone himself does not possess even half of the cruelty that his hero manifests in the Polish film. Many scenes were given to him quite hard due to excessive violence, which is alien to the representative of even the hot-tempered nation of Italians. In a short period of February-March 2020, about 800 thousand fans signed up on Michele’s Instagram. And he completely pleases them with his pictures with the very look of the hero from “365 days”.

From interviews with actors

Several interesting facts stand out from some interviews with Michele and Seklyutskaya:

  • the most difficult scene for Morrone was a piquant episode on a plane with a stewardess;
  • before filming in “365 days” Anna Maria did not take her body properly – this role helped her to reveal her inner potential;
    a year and a half before the project, the Italian was depressed – he wrote on his Instagram that he wanted to quit cinema and even got a job as a gardener;
  • at the first meeting with the actor who played the main character, Seklyutskaya did not experience obvious attraction and never considered Michele as a partner in real life.

Biography and personal life of actors

In October 2019, the actor who played the gangster in love turned 29 years old. He has no professional education and in childhood he tragically experienced the loss of his father. Prior to working in films produced in Poland, Morrone played in several cameo roles in obscure projects. But his filmography also includes one major series – the Medici, which was rolled out in 2016. Michele was married and after a divorce maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife. They are raising two sons.

365 days who filmed

Attention to a pair of main actors who starred in a hot Polish drama has become heavily overgrown with fantasies. Many viewers seriously believe that the actors from 365 Days are dating in real life. But the heart of Anna Maria has long been occupied by director Lukasz Witt-Michalkowski. The actress will turn 28 on May 31, 2020. She has not yet been married and has no children. Before the role of Laura, the artist was more involved in theatrical productions.

Who starred in the sensational film “365 days”?
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