Anna Maria Sieklucka – the first steps in the film industry and a photo with her beloved man

Full name Anna Maria Sieklucka
Occupation actress
Date of Birth 05.31.1992
Height/Weigh 160 cm/51 kg
Family status single
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Anna Maria Sieklucka is an aspiring film actress from Poland. She began to gain popularity in 2020 after the release of the film “365 Days” based on the novel of the same name.

Anna Maria Sieklucka: Biography

The Polish actress was born in Lublin on May 31, 1992. From the facts about the Seklyutskaya family, it is known that her father is a lawyer. The girl does not talk about her mother, sisters or brothers. Anna Maria, or as the Russian-speaking public calls her – Ama, as a child entered one of the best educational institutions in the Lublin province – Hetman Jan Zamoyska secondary school. After receiving her basic education, she moved to Wroclaw, where she graduated from the puppet department of the L. Solsky Academy of Theater Arts in Krakow.

Anna Maria Sieklucka actress

For the period of her creative upsurge, Anna Maria lives in Warsaw and works as an actress in the main local theater. Until 2019, she participated in the play “Valentine’s Day”, which was staged by Ivan Vyrypaev. In addition, the aspiring film star of Poland starred in a small role in the serial film “Good or Bad” along with Aniela Grabek. Some sources indicate her cameo appearances in Alice in Wonderland and Danby Parlak’s Like Nothing Ever.

Anna Maria Sieklucka As Movie Actress

At the end of 2019, the first trailer for the long-awaited adaptation of the novel 365 Days by Blanca Lipinska was released. For the main role of Laura, or according to the book – Laura, Anna Maria is approved. This feature-length project is considered a breakthrough in the career biography of the actress. She was not going to stop only at theatrical productions. On the official website of the acting agency, from where the girl was selected for the casting, there is information about her education and the necessary parameters – how old is the artist and how tall. She is not tall – 1.60 m. There is no separate Wikipedia page describing the personality of Sieklucka.

The premiere of the film “365 Days” took place on February 7, 2020. The picture produced in Poland was shot by local director Barbara Bialovas. The buzz around this movie is associated with a rich number of intimate scenes, which is why it is compared with the bestseller “50 Shades of Grey”. The preparation for the filming of each piquant episode was accompanied by the author of the book Blanca herself. In a conversation with journalists, Ama says that the constant connection with the writer helped her to properly tune in to work.

anna maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone

The role of the temperamental mafioso Massimo Torricelli was played by the Italian Michele Morrone. He is also just starting his stellar journey, and in this they agreed with the Polish actress. In a joint interview, the actors said that they have developed a correct and trusting relationship.

Anna Maria called her body a tool that helped her make the heroine of the film as passionate and passionate as possible. But the girl did not immediately overcome the feeling of shame for appearing naked in front of the camera. It was a real test, the artist notes. She is grateful to the coincidence that before starting work in “365 days” she and Michele Morrone had enough time to get used to each other.

Husband or Boyfriend?

In a conversation with the media, Ama openly stated that she does not allow discussion of her private life. However, after a noticeable increase in fans, even outside of Poland, the actress nevertheless lifted the veil of secrecy over her personal biography. Her beloved man’s name is Lukasz Witt-Michalkowski and he is the director of the theater where Anna Maria plays. It is known that the chosen one is 18 years older than the artist.

anna maria Sieklucka personal life

Anna Maria Sieklucka Now

When asked about future plans and the fear that offers will only come in films with sex scenes, Ama replied: “Time will tell.” IMDb rating of Polish drama “365 Days” = 3.20. This is clearly not the level that was expected in pre-production. But Anna Maria assures that she does not read comments and reviews of the film. Her personal impression of the result is also not disclosed.

In early April, the debut film project of the actress began to appear on the Netflix online platform in European countries. Meanwhile, Siklyutska herself is gaining new fans on Instagram – almost 190 thousand people have subscribed to her verified page. Here she first published a photo with her lover. The caption reads: “One. The only one. And there will be no more. Peace and love”. Also, like most creative figures, in April 2020, the artist complies with quarantine measures and is at home. Fans enjoy private live broadcasts that Anna Maria hosts on her Instagram.

Photo source: instagram actress.

Anna Maria Sieklucka – the first steps in the film industry and a photo with her beloved man
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