Michele Morrone: Italian actor who captivated the audience with a “deadly” look

Full name Michele Morrone
Occupation actor, singer
Date of Birth 10.03.1990 г.
Height/Weigh 189 cm/- kg
Family status divorced
Instagram Link

Michele Morrone is an Italian film and TV actor, singer, fashion model. He gathered a large fan audience thanks to his attractive appearance and filming in the Polish analogue of 50 Shades.

Biography of Michele Morrone

Michele (Michelle), born October 3, 1990. According to some data, the native area was the south of Italy – the region of Puglia, according to others – the mainland of the country, Melegnano, the province of Milan. At the peak of his creative biography, he moved to the capital of Lazio – Rome. The boy lost his father at the age of 12 due to a terrible disease. It happened on April 18, 2003. The tragedy affected the Italian actor so much that in the future he got a tattoo on his wrist with the date of his father’s death.

At the same age, a teenager already dreams of an acting profession. But Michele understands how many years and money it takes to prepare. In addition, a family of 4 – he, his mother and two sisters – lived in a poor region and could not afford excesses. Therefore, he studies on his own. According to the artist, he watched movies for hours and tried on various images. A true Italian by nationality acted according to the wisdom of his people: “If food is not placed in front of you, you must get it yourself.”

At the age of 18, Morrone moved out from his mother and went to work as a waiter. This did not last long, as the young man was not able to properly serve the drinks on the tray. Then the young man became a worker at a construction site. And only at the age of 21, Michele successfully passed the casting for the popular TV series for the first time. It was a serial romantic drama about Italian swimmers “Like a Dolphin”, which started in 2011. Here the actor played a small role, but it was a good start for the artist’s filmography.

Michele Morrone

Actor Michele Morrone: Filmography

Morrone’s next project was a historical series about the famous Medici clan. Here, too, the Italian actor appeared in a minor role. The drama was released in 2016 and received a fairly good rating for an artist’s portfolio. Then there were short films and films with his participation, which did not have a special influence on the filmography.

The real springboard for popularity was the Polish feature film 365 Days produced by Netflix in 2020. The premiere took place on February 7, but the dry rating numbers did not confirm the expected effect – the IMDb score is only 3.20. The film adaptation of the debut novel by the writer Blanca Lipinska has already been called an analogue of 50 Shades. And Michele is called the Italian Grey. According to the plot, the actor plays the severe and cold head of the Sicilian mafia – Massimo Torricelli. The heroine named Laura, represented by Anna Maria Sieklucka, is captured by a seemingly cruel tyrant. Day after day, throughout the year, the girl’s feeling of hatred is replaced by true love.

The movie series is widely discussed in the circles of critics – by and large because of the abundance of sex scenes. Michele and Anna Maria describe the filming process in detail in their interviews with Polish sources. It is noted that the hot appearance of the Italian actor, the charisma and temperament inherent in his nationality, filled the picture with the necessary passion. When asked about preparing for the shooting, the artist assured that he had not even read the trilogy of the same name, unlike his colleague. The Polish actress knew the full depth of intimate moments even before the start of work.

Musical and Model Career of Michele Morone

Michele Morrone

On the eve of the launch of 365 Days, Miki, as Russian fans call him, recorded his first solo album, Dark Room. In translation, “Dark Room” is again a reference to the drama “50 Shades”. One of the songs “Feel it” became the main soundtrack for the film with his participation. A total of 10 tracks were released and they are all about feelings and relationships.

In addition to the acting and musical development of the biography, the public considers Michele a talented model. Indeed, his Instagram profile is often updated with pictures from photo shoots. The Italian actor himself explains that he does not consider this work or something outstanding. In his words, he does not imagine that you can earn just with your body. Although the photographs from which a very handsome man looks are taken very enthusiastically. Fans call Morrone’s look “deadly”.

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Mikel Morrone: Wife and Children

In 2014, then an aspiring actor, he married Rube Saada. She is a designer from Lebanon, in the same place, in the homeland of the bride, the marriage ceremony took place. From the marriage, Michele had two sons – Brando and Marcus. According to the artist, the children are completely different in character: one is calm and pedantic, the second is a bully and fidget. In 2018, the couple broke up, which the Italian actor announced publicly on his Instagram only on March 6, 2019. The reasons for the breakup of the family are not disclosed.

The movie star maintains a warm relationship with his ex-wife and children. The only sad thing is that he cannot see his sons for a long time due to a busy schedule. They live with Ruba in Lebanon. But the artist does not forget to congratulate his ex-wife on her birthday and call her the most beautiful woman in the world.

Michele Morrone

In 2019, after a divorce and the official status of a bachelor, Morrone began to attribute a relationship with dancer Elena D’Amelio. The network got photos in which the actor is captured while exchanging kisses with a girl. Given the traditions of Michele’s nationality, these could be ordinary courtesies. However, fans have been discussing the leaked photo shoot for a long time. By 2020, the gossip has subsided and at the time of the spring of this year there is no up-to-date data on the presence of the second half of Mika.

Michele Morrone: Italian actor who captivated the audience with a “deadly” look
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