Lindemann “Frau & Mann”: who starred in the video?

Lindemann “Frau & Mann”: who starred in the video?

In November 2019, a new short film from the LINDEMANN project was released. The basis for the next work was the song Frau & Mann from the album of the same name. Already familiar characters took part in the shooting, but there were some surprises.

The main characters of the clip “Frau & Mann”

The backbone of the composition was the trinity loved by the public – Lindemann, Tägtgren, Stormare. They shone in the Steh auf! There is a feeling that Peter has become the third member of the group.

Peter Stormare is an American actor of Swedish origin. He is not a random person in rock. In parallel with filming in films and TV shows, Peter promoted his own band – Blonde from Fargo, which even released a couple of albums.

Frau und Mann actors

Till Lindemann is the leader of the German band Rammstein, who has staked out the title of a heavy music legend. Since 2013, he has been passionate about a solo project named after himself. The musician is not going to retire, showing miracles of diligence and creative efficiency.

Peter Tägtgren is Thiel’s LINDEMANN colleague, fellow countryman and namesake of Stormare. The youngest protagonist of the video. But you can’t call him a green youth. Peter has an impressive track record from Hypocrisy, The Abyss, PAIN, etc.

According to the plot of the musical short film, these guys got used to the role of a tyrant director (Til Lindemann), an astronaut (Peter Tägtgren), a spaceship captain (Peter Stormare). In the close world of the clip, everything is intertwined. In these intricacies, the characters collide with each other through unexpected plot twists.

Unexpected guests (Loboda, Protasov, etc.)

Filming the Frau & Mann video revealed Thiel’s extensive palette of friendships. For the first time, probable lovers, Lindemann and Loboda, worked on the site. The yellow press has been talking about their romance for a long time, but the gossip heroes flatly refuse to announce their relationship.

Svetlana Loboda is a Ukrainian singer. She was a member of the cult group ViaGra. Now the beauty is busy with her solo career and, as it turned out, shooting in the LINDEMANN video. The musician played the wife of an astronaut, who in turn was the brother of her boss. The character of Svetlana is the most important of all the secondary characters. The Ukrainian even got an understudy. Ksenia Patsinskaya replaced Loboda, although it is not clear in which frames.

Loboda in Frau und Mann video

The clipmakers made another surprise for the audience. The episode starred Russian writer Sergei Protasov. He worked as a journalist and editor for a long time, but achieved public recognition thanks to his books. The most popular and beloved by readers is the work “Tsushima Chronicles. We came”. Sergei played the role of a factory worker and a bus driver.

Fairly made up, but recognizable became Anar Reiband. It’s wild to see him with lush hair. But in the role of the postman – it is he (as they say in the final credits). Anar is known for his longtime collaboration with Rammstein as a concert manager. This Azerbaijani guy made a name in the world of showbiz by organizing concert tours for world stars. His work is somewhere on the verge of a producer and an impresario.

After watching the Frau und Mann video, one gets the feeling that only a few people starred in it. In fact, 20 people were in the frame, not counting the star trio of the main characters.

Find all the actors by watching the clip. Have you been able to see everyone?

Lindemann “Frau & Mann”: who starred in the video?

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