Who starred in Lindemann’s “Steh Auf” video? The killer trio of actors

Who starred in Lindemann’s “Steh Auf” video? The killer trio of actors

On September 13, 2019, a metal project formed by Rammstein’s lead singer Till Lindemann and Swedish musician Peter Tägtgren (Pain) delighted fans with an explosive video work for the song “Steh Auf”. Fans immediately recognized the famous duo on stage, but the third actor who got into a fight with Till is little known to a wide audience. So who is in the video? Let’s take everyone in order.

Till Lindemann

till lindemann with a hedgehog photo

The permanent soloist of the Rammstein group and an incredibly talented person. It is in honor of his name that the joint musical project with Tägtgren, formed in 2015, is named. Work on Lindemann started in 2013, when Rammstein was on a creative break.

Till also writes poetry and is engaged in entrepreneurship. The actor will turn 60 in 4 years, but judging by his active work, he is now in his prime. Recently, he was credited with an affair with Svetlana Loboda, and along with her child.

Actor Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare actor steh auf

This is a Swedish and American actor, now (in 2019) he is 66 years old. The peak of the Swede’s career falls on the eighties and nineties, he starred in films of various calibers – from copyright festivals to Hollywood blockbusters. In American cinema, he usually plays the role of villains. In 2017, he played Abram Tarasov, the owner of a car service using illegal business methods, and in the 2014 film Macho and Nerd 2, he played a ghost.

Stormare got into the cast of “Steh Auf” for a reason, he is related to the rocker party. Peter is the founder of the rock band “Blonde from Fargo”, which managed to release several albums. He also starred in the video clip of the heavy power metal band Sabaton (Sweden).

In the clip “Steh Auf” Peter clashes with Till, the actors take turns drowning each other.

Peter Tagtgren

The forty-nine-year-old musician and composer hails from Sweden, like his namesake Stormare. Created a number of rock projects, including “Hypocrisy” (death metal), “The Abyss” (black metal) and “PAIN” (industrial metal). The millennial generation remembers and loves the hit of this group “Shut Your Mouth”.

The musician hates religion, but does not consider himself a Satanist, using the word “hater”. Survived a two-minute cardiac arrest, which inspired him to create the album “Dancing with the Dead” (“PAIN”). Peter is dating a Russian girl named Anna Yakina (see photo above).

According to the plot of the video “Steh Auf”, Tägtgren plays the drums, watching with apprehension what is happening.

Read also the meaning of the clip Steh Auf.

Image sources: instagram accounts of artists.

Who starred in Lindemann’s “Steh Auf” video? The killer trio of actors
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