The mystery of Lindemann’s “Frau & Mann” video: meaning and references

The mystery of Lindemann’s “Frau & Mann” video: meaning and references

The Lindemann project delights fans with original compositions. Some clips take out the brain completely. But the band has musical short films that catch and make you rewatch them. Woman and Man is a song that requires a decent video.

The meaning of the song and video Lindemann Frau und Mann

The superhit is dedicated to the relationship between men and women. You don’t have to be seven spans in the forehead to get a general idea of ​​the essence of the composition based on its name.

“Ah ah ah

scary or cute

Lying or standing

Ah ah ah

Woman or man

Opposites attract”

Translation into Russian gives a clear understanding that the authors correlate men and women as completely different entities. All couplets are built on an antonymic row, emphasizing the polarity of the sexes. But the catchphrase becomes: “Doch ohne Liebe geht es nicht” (But without love this cannot happen). She personifies the enormous power of love, which erases boundaries, opens up new horizons, and tightly solders the incompatible.

Clipmakers have moved on. They have created a twisted love story that has room not only for Frau und Mann, but also for Mann gegen Mann (man with man).

LINDEMANN - Frau & Mann meaning of the video
Victims of unrequited love

There is no need to search for secret meanings. Clip about strange coincidences and blind love. The relationship of the characters is reminiscent of the plot of the legendary hit Chizhov “Eternal Youth”, where everyone was in love with each other. Olds will understand. This is the main message. The moral of Lindemann’s fable is seen as follows: live by the truth. If every hero was honest with others and with himself, then there would be no reason for sadness and sadness. It is Til who looks like the antagonist here, who received for his lust both from his brother’s wife and from his secret admirer.

You wonder who starred in the video? Click here.

The plot of the clip: references and Easter eggs

Frau und Mann’s story begins with several storylines that suddenly merge into one.

Two cosmonauts are serving on the orbital station. It’s time for the engineer to go home, which he is happy about, unlike the captain of the spaceship, who secretly harbors a passion for a colleague.

LINDEMANN - Frau & Mann meaning of the video

The Soviet factory is headed by a harassing director. He spotted a slut worker, wanting to teach her a lesson in an intimate way. The factory girl turned out to be not one of the timid, rebuffing the lustful boss.

These storylines are intertwined when we learn that the demobilized cosmonaut is the brother of the hero Lindemann. The latter is not very happy about this fact. At a family dinner for the return of the prodigal son, everything falls into place. The subordinate of the factory director is the astronaut’s wife. The hero-lover knew this very well, and therefore he was indignant when he learned about the completion of the space mission.

Having gone home, Til thoughtfully sat on a bench, looking at a photograph of his brother. It is at this moment that the captain of the spaceship passes by, having decided to go AWOL. Seeing in the hands of an unknown man a photograph of his beloved, he cannot stand it and puts out the light for him.

The whole point of the clip is not so much in the plot, as in a ton of references. They are at every turn. Needless to say, the authors managed to perfectly recreate the Soviet atmosphere? The scene with the feast is indicative: olive oil, herring under a fur coat, glasses with vodka.

LINDEMANN - Frau & Mann meaning of the video

There is an undeniable reference to the film Armageddon, where the Russian cosmonaut was also played by Peter Stormare. He was also left alone at the station. The musicians offered an alternative ending to his life story.

The short featured different types of beer. Til drinks Artisan, and Vintage also gets into the frame. It looks like a product placement, because in the opening frames of the clip you can clearly see the advertising of the bookmaker’s office (look at Peter Tägtgren’s T-shirt).

Connoisseurs claim that the creators of the work made a reference to the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (one of Guy Ritchie’s top 5 films). We are talking about the characteristic shooting, which was used in the scene with the receipt of the telegram.

What references did you find in the clip? Maybe you know what the date from the newspaper means – October 22, 1981?

The mystery of Lindemann’s “Frau & Mann” video: meaning and references
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