Dream Team House – about the members of the Russian house of tiktokers and the first results of the project

Dream Team House – about the members of the Russian house of tiktokers and the first results of the project

On March 10, 2020, the channel of the first “settlement” of popular tiktokers in Russia was officially registered on YouTube. Social network stars united in one residential area in Moscow and called themselves Dream Team House.

Dream Team House: where is it located and how do Tik Tok stars live

Immediately on the channel, the first video about meeting the guys from the community was posted. A cheerful and creative attitude to work is confirmed by the way the name of the group is translated – Dream Team House. The purpose of the organization of young people is to shoot and release even more cool and powerful content than what they created one by one. The introductory video was hosted by a bright favorite of TikTok fans, Danya Milokhin. He also promised the production of interesting material along with the entire composition of the project.

A video with an overview of a rented apartment appeared on a YouTube fan account of the same name. The exact location is classified, so it is impossible to reliably say how to get physically into the house of Russian tiktokers. But in the video, the guys openly showed design solutions and a very expensive interior style. The approximate cost of housing is estimated at least 200 million rubles.

The area allows you to live comfortably and implement the creative ideas of everyone who is part of the community. The bathroom has a special luxury and large space – about 6 people can fit in the bath itself, and there is a hammam nearby. In one of the stories, a member of the team talked about a very expensive kitchen table, which they temporarily covered with polyethylene while they wait for a practical protective coating.

Fans of the group are asking questions about the initiator and main organizer of the analogue of the American Hype House in Russia. There is no open data on the network about who created the Dream Team House. But in the “question-answer” section on Instagram stories, Ksyusha Zvereva said that the “director” personally invited her to the group. The guys from the dream team also do not cover the terms of cooperation – issues of monetization, items of expenditure, percentage of deductions from income.

Dream Team House who created

Another question of interest to the audience is the actual residence. Also, as in similar American communities, star tiktokers from Russia are not required to constantly be in the house and lead a joint life. According to one of the team members, there are 4 full-fledged tenants in the rented apartment. There is no specific list with the names and surnames of those who live in the Dream Team House yet.

Members of the Dream Team House

The initial composition of the association of promoted tiktokers included 14 people. However, as the participants themselves say, this is not the finish line and the team will be replenished. True, the conditions and rules on how to get into their group are not announced. The creative managers of this company independently follow the latest and completely unique trends on TikTok. And those who create new trends in the application may be invited to the Dream Team House.

Dream Team House members

Launch videos on Dream Team House channel

For 2 weeks of the existence of the profile on YouTube, the guys have already released 7 joint videos. More than 165 thousand people subscribed to the video hosting account. The first and most fun, according to tiktokers, were shooting various fashion challenges and testing life hacks. Vlad, Pipsy, Oleg, Nastya and Artur became the central and permanent figures.

In addition, the dream team started an Instagram page, which has already collected 617 thousand subscribers. But the members of the Dream Team House limited access to viewing their photos for random “passers-by”. It is logical that such an unprecedented association of young people from Tik Tok could cause a wave of hatred. On March 11, Nikita Avdeev posted a group photo in his VK feed with most of the community’s actors.

Dream Team House – about the members of the Russian house of tiktokers and the first results of the project
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