Hype House.Hype House: The Complete Story of America’s Most Fashionable Tiktoker Community

Hype House.Hype House: The Complete Story of America’s Most Fashionable Tiktoker Community

Hype House is a team of young Tik Tok users based on living together in a large house in a separate area. Here, a group of activists film fresh content and implement new ideas.

Hype House: how it was created and where is the Tik Tok star house

The harbingers of the creation of such cohabitation were the houses of viners, which successfully developed until the liquidation of the Vine platform. They all started with Our Second Life, but then they moved to a larger apartment complex at 1600 Vine Street. Then American YouTubers created similar projects. Clout House was the most popular. And on the threshold of 2020, active TikTokers decide to establish their own representation of their Internet culture.

The story began with the first collab house in Los Angeles called Team 10, which was founded by brothers Jake and Logan Paul. At the dawn of the promotion, this complex included the tik tok star Thomas Petru, but the relationship between the guys did not work out. He was later expelled from Team 10 and became one of the people who created Hype House. The second founder was Chase Hudson. Young people got excited about the idea in November 2019 and on December 20 they already signed a contract to rent a mansion.

In January 2020, the news tabloids literally exploded with the news of a fresh collaboration of network stars. One of the most detailed was an article on the New York Times website. After that, journalists and fans of the Tik Tok application began to look for the location of Hype House on the map to get juicy facts from the life of community members. It is known that the mansion is located in a closed area and its address is carefully hidden.

Hype House where is located

Hype House is located at the top of Hollywood Hill. This is a Spanish style house with a stone porch, a large backyard and a swimming pool. The main requirement at the selection stage was the distance from the eyes of the public and curious neighbors. The large cottage has spacious rooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, which later became a favorite place for tiktokers. Another condition was the owner’s permission to film. Many landlords find that doing so can damage the property inside—tripods scratch floors, props can ruin furniture and wall coverings. The legal owner of the mansion gave the go-ahead for the use of the house to create commercials.

The same New York Times published the long-awaited photo of Hype House, where you can see how it looks from the outside. However, it is still unknown how to get into this collab house. By the way, the first name of the project was Chase’s version – House of Olympus. But Alex Warren’s proposal to call the collaboration Hype House was supported by the majority.

hyip house outside photo

The most attractive condition for cooperation was that the guys are not required to make contributions to the producer or founder of the project. Those who live and work on the basis of this community do not have to distribute the percentage of income among themselves. The price of the activities of members of the HYIP House is only the cost of living – $ 900 per month.

Key members of the Hype House

In total, the house includes 19 of the most creative tiktokers in America, according to the founders. Only 4 people have permanent residence – these are two creators Thomas and Chase, as well as two girls Kouvre Annon and Daisy Keach. All living are adults. This is an important note, since the first wave of hate towards Hype House was precisely because of the suspicion that children under the age of 18 were kept there. In fact, the group of participants includes such teenagers, but they visit the house only for daytime work.

Hype House tiktokers

The remaining 15 HYIP House guys (by number of TikTok followers in descending order):


  • Charlie D’Amelio
  • Dixie D’Amelio
  • Avani Gregg
  • Addison Rae
  • Carpet Annon


  • Chase Hudson
  • Ondreas Lopez
  • Tony Lopez
  • Larry Merritt
  • Nick Austin
  • Jack Wright
  • Ryland Storms
  • Hooty Hurley
  • Patrick Huston
  • Calvin Goldby
  • Viat Xavier

This list is current as of March 2020. Among the most promoted is the Tiktoker Charlie, who already has about 33 million viewers. Particular attention is paid to the acrobat brothers Lopez. But among the team of fairly successful bloggers, there are also completely novice guys, whose number of subscribers does not exceed 100 thousand. Everyone who is part of the participants is distinguished by diligence and gives out everyday content. According to Thomas Petru, this sets Hype House apart from other analogues in Los Angeles. Tiktokers who are looking for hangouts and entertainment are not welcome here.

HYIP house house

Reviews and leak of information about Hype House

Hype House itself has its own accounts on the Tok Tok and Instagram platform, where both exclusive photos and pictures from the personal pages of the project members are merged. For 2 months of existence, the collab house has already had about 13 million subscribers. Rapid growth attracts the attention of not only well-wishers. Part of the public believes that such a community offends some minorities. After the founding of Hype House, which included only guys with white skin, an association of black tiktokers was created. They plan to create their own home for joint creativity. Representatives of the LGBT movement also came up with the same idea.

Blogger Michelle Kennelly covered the history of the house very widely. She also announced the creation of the Russian version – it was decided to rent a 1-room apartment and call it “Hype Hata”. Here, rising Russian bloggers will do the same as their American counterparts. Another Internet activist named Dasha Jakeli traveled to Los Angeles and filmed an issue about Hype House. But shortly after posting, she deleted it. Commentators are interested in the reasons, but Dasha does not explain anything.

At the beginning of February 2020, there was another meeting of tiktokers in America, which was attended by a Russian representative of the XO NEWS YouTube channel. She turned to the most popular Tik Tok stars and they said hello to Russian fans. The cut was released in one of the issues of xo life. The Russian blogosphere is very warm about the project.

Hype House.Hype House: The Complete Story of America’s Most Fashionable Tiktoker Community
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