Star Wars 10 – will there be a sequel to the movie? release date

Star Wars 10 – will there be a sequel to the movie? release date

Star Wars: Skywalker movie. Sunrise ”should be the end of the epic. What will Disney and Lucasfilm do next, and should fans expect a sequel?

Is there a Star Wars 10 release planned?

The absence of a post-credits scene at the end of Episode IX (Rise of Skywalker) does not mean that the story cannot continue. According to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, something new and “unusual” is coming next.

The release of a new film in the Star Wars universe is quite likely, but so far its name has not been announced to the public. It was previously thought that a trilogy would follow again, but Kennedy revealed that the company would no longer focus on a three-act structure. This gives the creators more freedom, but it is not yet clear how the next films will be connected to the original saga.

Star Wars 10 – Release Date Announced

Star Wars X is reportedly planned for 2023, but details will be revealed in January 2022. Therefore, you will have to wait at least two years. The director, script and actors are unknown. The project will definitely not include Daniel Brett Weiss and David Benioff, who left the job in October, presumably due to busy schedules. Media believe that the director of the expected film could be Rian Johnson, who directed the movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017). The eighth episode received mixed reviews from critics and viewers, leaving more questions than answers.

Based purely on the final quality of the product, the most reasonable thing is to continue cooperation with J. J. Abrams, who, having received a complex legacy from his predecessors from plot holes, made a solid space fairy tale. It remains to closely follow the news and wait for details.

Suggestions about the content of the movie

At the end of Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine was defeated, and the galaxy got the opportunity to live on in peace and harmony. Rey travels to Tatooine to leave Leia and Luke’s lightsabers near her father’s estate. Perhaps the story will revolve around Rey as the last Skywalker, for example, she will fight a new threat or take part in the formation of a new authority in the galaxy.

It is possible that the simultaneous release of the final part of the trilogy and the series “The Mandalorian” is a deliberate action. The new project tells about the events betweenstar  the sixth and seventh episodes (read more about the series and references in it at the link). Something new and different might be to literally refuse a sequel. In the MCU, there is a huge unplowed field 30 years long. A partially free niche was occupied by the Mandalorian with baby Yoda. But the chronology is more than enough for a couple of full-fledged films, which will begin where the first season of the series ends. The topic of Palpatine’s “resurrection” has not been revealed. An unfortunate misunderstanding should be corrected.

What do you think, what plot twists and turns will be in Star Wars 10? Looking forward to your opinion in the comments!

Star Wars 10 – will there be a sequel to the movie? release date
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