YouTube Star Lana Rose Net Worth Secrets

YouTube Star Lana Rose Net Worth Secrets

How to make money on YouTube? Learn with Lana Rose! Chic, bright, spectacular Lana Rose Attracts the attention of fans who are delighted with her work. The cumulative financial Net Worth of the Indian star is estimated at $ 6 million! How did Parisa Beiragdari – and that’s what Lana Rose’s real name is – managed to earn such capital? The girl from Dubai grew up to become one of the richest women on YouTube. Let’s talk more about her income and find out what is the secret of her wealth.

Lana Rose Net Worth

The musician, model, and one of the most fan-favorite YouTube celebrities in India earns around $25,000 a month. The annual income of a beautiful and successful millionaire is 310 thousand dollars. This is the data for October 2022.

Star income grew rapidly. For example, she made half a million dollars last year. And since 2018, the star has earned almost $ 2 million. Recall that in 2018, the celebrity’s income was 4.2 million dollars. A stunning success for the age of 32.

Lana Rose’s Capital

Lana Rose income

What does the Indian star and luxury millionaire invest in? Cars are her passion. Starting to drive a car at the age of 22, the star buys up the brightest and most luxurious vehicles like a man possessed. Her collection includes a delightful Lamborghini Huracan, the price of which is 480 thousand dollars. The star also bought a beautiful and powerful Land Rover Range Rover SVR for 250 thousand dollars and a Rolls-Royce Ghost for 1.1 million dollars. One can envy such a collection, which is estimated at $6 million.

The Secret of Big Income

Lana Rose cars

What is the main source of such a huge monetary income of the Indian star? As you know, R&B/Soul music artist Lana Rose is successful in monetizing YouTube videos and blogs. She became famous as a makeup blogger and a girl who adores cars. The girl is beautiful and spectacular, and it’s no wonder her makeup tutorials are so popular: “Elegant Makeup”, “Effective Makeup”, and “Daily Easy Makeup Tutorial for Girls”. Lana also leads Instagram, which is adored by more than a million subscribers. Rose is known not only as a makeup blogger, but also as an artist. She paints oil paintings very well. In her house she created a special room for drawing.

Successful Brother?

Lana Rose money

Passion for social networks – a good tradition in the family of an Indian star was started by her brother known in the Internet space as Mo Vlogs. He has 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel! His net worth is around $2 million. The guy also leads social networks on Twitter and Instagram. One day, the brother and sister released a joint music video called Keyboard Warrior, which was very well received by the fans, as evidenced by the many views.

Wealthy, successful, famous, elegant Lana is considered an enviable bride. As previously stated, Lana lives with her brother and mother. But fans are very interested not only in her income, but also in her personal life. Fans of the Indian star are looking forward to when she introduces her chosen one to the world. But so far in Lana Rose’s video blogs, only her mother, brother and best friend flicker. Undoubtedly, the star is not going to stop there. And soon we will learn a lot more about her.

YouTube Star Lana Rose Net Worth Secrets
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