“Everything is like with people”: the meaning of the lyrics of the song and the Noize MC video

“Everything is like with people”: the meaning of the lyrics of the song and the Noize MC video

Ivan Alekseev (Noize MC) has long specialized in sensitive social topics. Inspired by the imperishable, Noise washed down his rap on the topic of the day. It’s not a remake or a remix. This is a new hit. The rapper respected the idol of the 90s and not only used the Civil Defense track, but designed the work as a tribute to Yegor Letov. The musician touched on current topics and put a lot of references, allusions and ideas into his creation.

The meaning of the text “Everything is like people’s” 2019

Noise did not harness for a long time and immediately outlined the priorities. The beginning of the song is a fragment of Vladimir Putin’s speech in 1996 about the inadmissibility of the dictatorship of a strong hand. Having skipped the main part of the song, we pay attention to the ending – the words of the police during the dispersal of the protest. The final is a single semantic layer with the intro. Ivan recalls the primary rhetoric and offers to compare it with current realities.

The first verse is devoted to the attitude of the state towards its citizens. No one is on ceremony with people, individual rights go by the wayside. The author describes the total control over life “for the purposes of state security.”

everything is like people have a sense

The second verse is dedicated to the reality in which law enforcement officers live. They are all right. Packing protesters in paddy wagons is commonplace, after which ordinary life. The musician complains about the power state, in which from childhood they are accustomed to the norm – the policeman is always right.

The next part of the composition describes the idea of ​​looking for an external enemy that dominates in the Russian media. As before, these are the USA, Jews, Masons and other enemies. In the same verse there is a direct reference to Putin. Noyz addressed him by rank. It was as a major that Vladimir Vladimirovich achieved his first successes in the KGB and politics. Vanya believes that the head of state is walking on thin ice. The author poked fun at the president with a story about diving in a bathyscaphe, they say it is on him that he will swim away from problems.

“The major is not afraid, the major will not drown – the major, if anything, in a bathyscaphe”

The last verse is pretty obvious. These are the words of a typical opponent of all protests. A certain patriot advises the rapper to do the same as his colleagues in the shop – to entertain the moneybags and not express his opinion. As you know, in the rap party there are more than enough of those.

The message of the chorus has remained unchanged for two decades. What Yegor Letov invested, Vanya left unchanged. In the homeland of the performers, everything is like in people, as in the whole world. But this is an official position, not a reality.

Pictures in the clip Noize MC “Everything is like people’s” and their meaning

Between the lines of the song one can clearly see the paintings of the classics of Russian painting. Let’s analyze each of them in order of appearance.

  • The apotheosis of war (V. Vereshchagin). There is a reference to all the senseless wars and human casualties among the Russians. In addition, the coloring of the picture resembles the flag of Ukraine. The musician speaks of the need to end the military conflict fueled by the white stone.
  • Bathing a red horse (K. Petrov-Vodkin). Contemporaries of the author of the picture saw Russia in the horse, and the man who leads it in the boy. Noyes apparently agreed with this theory. The boy, by the way, is somewhat similar to the Russian leader.
  • Bogatyrs (V. Vasnetsov). This is the image of Mother Russia. A huge force that is ready to apply. The musician clearly says that the heroic silushka is directed to the wrong steppe.
  • The last day of Pompeii (K. Bryullov). A clear reference to the huge risk of the collapse of the state. The paradox is that the conservative and satisfied see the reason for the collapse in the protesters. Those who disagree with the current state of affairs believe that collapse is inevitable in the absence of fundamental changes.
  • Morning in a pine forest (I. Shishkin, K. Savitsky). It seems that the rapper sees the Russian people in this picture. A kind of bears that have colossal strength, but so far clumsily conquer pine logs.

Thus, the composition has a clear political character. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and sees the world in their own way. We hope we conveyed the message of the lyrics and the video of the song correctly.

“Everything is like with people”: the meaning of the lyrics of the song and the Noize MC video
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