Vislovo: what is it and what does the word Vislovo from the song Time and Glass mean

Vislovo: what is it and what does the word Vislovo from the song Time and Glass mean

In the summer of 2019, the hit from Vremya i Steklo “Vislovo” thundered. The same name was given to the new album of the group, which included the tracks “Dim”, “E Boy”, “Song about the Face”, beloved by the public. The word Wislovo sounded for the first time. “Where I was drawn and called like slow more … Let’s go with you to Vislovo.” It quickly grew from a poetic innovation into a new trend in youth slang. What does it mean? Where are the main characters going?

Vislovo: what does it mean

The composition, which received such an unusual title, is dedicated to parties, movement, youth parties. The video for the song is fully consistent with the text and music.

“To Vislovo, to Vislovo! Let’s go with you to Vislovo.” These words make it clear that Vistula is where you can go and break away furiously. But there are no clubs, establishments and festivals with that name yet. Although the authors used the Latin name with a capital letter, we believe that we are talking about a common noun, not a proper one.

Etymological analysis gives reason to believe that the basis of the morphological novelty was the slang “hang”, “hang”. Now the wording, similar in meaning, to hang out, hang out, move is more familiar.

With this approach, the name of the composition becomes quite logical, and the riddle of the title finds its solution: wislovo = tusa. This understanding of the song is also supported by the advertisement of one of their mobile operators, in which Nadya Dorofeeva and Pozitiv starred. The slogan of the commercial was the words “Your online vislovo” (“Your online vislovo”) in the sense of an online hangout available with 4G Internet.V

Another option that does not exclude, but complements the first one, is the abbreviation Vremya I Steklo – VIS. In the song itself, this triletter is repeatedly used after the chorus: “Vis, Vis, Vislovo!” LOVO, in this case, may be a reference to the word Love (love).

Time and Glass about what Vislovo is

An unequivocal answer to this question was given by a non-replaceable member of the Positive group. In an interview published on the Muz.TV website, the frontman said that the party is inextricably combined with Time and Glass. Visłowo is a party where the most creative, fun and edgy people gather.

A new word can be safely used in the circle of party-goers and just lovers to take the maximum out of life. Tell us if the innovation has become commonplace in your environment.

Vislovo: what is it and what does the word Vislovo from the song Time and Glass mean
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