The Amazing Journey of Doctor Dolittle: Movie Post-Credits Scene (2020)

The Amazing Journey of Doctor Dolittle: Movie Post-Credits Scene (2020)

A funny, kind and fascinating story about Dr. Dolittle, who understands the language of animals and has amazing abilities to heal people, was recently released on screens. Robert Downey Jr. here is not a brave and self-confident Iron Man, but a gifted veterinarian who is grieving the death of his beloved and leading a hermitic lifestyle.

In our material, we tell you whether there was a post-title scene in the movie. Beware if you haven’t seen the movie, there are spoilers here.

Dolittle – is there a post-credits scene?

If you waited until the end of the long credits, you will find a small reward.

So, a brief background: after a successful trip for the doctor’s team to the island for medicine (antidote) for the queen, the main enemy of the hero Downey Jr., royal doctor Blair Mudfly, remains in a cave, alone with the wild. It is the fate of the ill-fated healer that is dedicated to the epilogue scene. Beaten and exhausted, he lies in the depths of the cave and notices suspicious sounds. Dozens appear in the darkness, and then hundreds of burning eyes. The bats attack Blair en masse to his desperate cries.

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Will there be a sequel?

There is no hint of the second part in the scene after the credits, although, who knows, maybe the enraged Mudfly survived the attack of flying mammals and is eager to take revenge on Dolittle. True, it is not clear where he will take the ship to return to his homeland, and whether he will be able to avoid meeting with the dragon cured by Dolittle. Although the mythical flying creature must have become kinder after his intestinal obstruction was removed.

There were several old comedy films about Dolittle (where the main role was played by Eddie Murphy). “Dolittle” (“The Amazing Journey of Doctor Dolittle”) was first announced in March 2017, after Universal received the rights to the project of Stephen Gagan (director). On the Internet, incl. on foreign news portals, there is no information about a possible continuation of Dolittle yet.

The Amazing Journey of Doctor Dolittle: Movie Post-Credits Scene (2020)
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