Rachel Deloache Williams Net Worth: Income and Wealth

Rachel Deloache Williams Net Worth: Income and Wealth

Rachel Deloache Williams is a writer, photographer and creative consultant. She lives in New York. The girl gained fame due to the fraudulent scheme developed by Anna Delvey (Sorokina). The victim of the scam lost a large amount of money. However, in the end it turned out to be a good profit. How much money did Rachel Deloache Williams have before she was scammed by a fake millionaire girl? How much did the writer get for her autobiographical book? How much money did Netflix and HBO have to spend?

How Rich is Rachel Deloache Williams?

This girl attracted the attention of the public only after she got into the network of a scammer. At the time, she was working for Vanity Fair magazine. She went from intern to photojournalist and loan editor.

Anna was able to fraudulently obtain about $62,000 from Rachel. This is a big amount. It can be assumed that the net worth of this girl was about 100 thousand dollars. It is hard to imagine that a person with less capital could give a scammer the amount of the annual income of the average American. Williams can be classified as a woman with a good income.

Rachel Deloache Williams Net Worth

Rachel Deloache Williams net worth

Net worth of a writer in 2022-2023 can reach 600 thousand US dollars. This amount certainly cannot be higher. The girl received the highest income in 2021-2022. This helped her to attract the attention of employers. Now she is successfully working as a freelance photographer and creative consultant. We should expect from her attempts to continue work in the literary field.

If Rachel has a husband, boyfriend or girlfriend the most objective would be an estimate of the family budget. It is impossible to do this without publishing data from the writer herself. She posts photos with male friends in Instagram. The nature of their relationship is difficult to determine.

Income from the Sale of Book Rights

Rachel Deloache Williams net worth

After losing $62,000 to her gullibility, Williams was able to make up for it with her talent. The girl wrote a book about the real events of Anna Sorokina’s scam. Rachel signed with Simon & Schuster. The company paid $300,000 for the book.

The HBO channel became interested in the adaptation of the story. The advance payment was $35,000. After the release of the series, the writer was supposed to receive another 300 thousand dollars. However, after the success of the Netflix series Inventing Anna, their HBO colleagues abandoned further development. The film rights are now available for purchase again. In the case of a film adaptation, Williams will be able to receive a large amount of money.

Some sources estimate the income from the sale of rights to the book at 630 thousand dollars. This amount requires clarification and confirmation by reliable sources. The writer neither confirms nor refutes this amount.

Source of Income Right Now

Rachel Deloache Williams net worth

Rachel has become a sought-after specialist. Its services are used by various publications in New York. She is not employed. The girl raised enough capital to work as a freelancer. After receiving payments for the book, her main source of income was the services of a photographer and creative consultant. The amount of fees remains unknown. However, we are not talking about big money. The most promising is the continuation of a literary career.

Rachel’s social media activity has grown significantly. The audience follows her life. Williams did not become a blogger and does not receive payments for advertising contracts. She wants to develop as a professional. The hype will soon subside, and the girl understands this very well.

Rachel Deloache Williams Net Worth: Income and Wealth
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