Top 3 Pop Stars Who Adore Gambling Activities

Top 3 Pop Stars Who Adore Gambling Activities

It is not surprising that many well-known musicians enjoy gambling, whether it’s trying their luck on slot machines, outsmarting opponents at blackjack tables, or engaging in a poker game. This affinity for gambling is not exclusive to musicians, as people in general are drawn to the excitement it offers. The Gaming Association reported that every fourth of adults has visited a gambling club for once in their life. Well, let’s have a look at the top 3 pop stars who like spending their free time and real and online casinos.

Madonna – a pop icon and true gambler

In 2012, the renowned queen of pop culture reportedly became a winner of the second prize in the Super Lotto. While on her world tour, she bought 100 lottery tickets and ended up winning around 130,000 dollars. Instead of keeping the winnings, she selflessly utilized the entire amount to construct a school in Malawi. It is worth noting that this African nation holds a special place in her heart, as this singer has adopted four kids from there. Imagine what a great bonus received in this country! You can get generous rewards too, just check out the latest promotions here.

Also, it is known that Madonna plays lotto games on a regular basis, especially when it comes to an Italian lottery she won. It is connected to the fact that the singer`s grandparents were from Italy. Because tickets are unavailable for purchase in America, she relies on an online messenger service to buy lottery tickets and deliver them to her.

50 Cent

This rapper has taken part in the spotlight a lot of times, not only for his pop career but also for scraping for bankruptcy.

The musician is known for placing large bets on sports events, such as the 500,000 dollar wager he made on the New York Giants during the NFC Championship against San Francisco.

In addition to that, 50 Cent adores partaking in blackjack activities. He knows all the nuances of this game and tries to sharpen his skills regularly. Probably, that is why he created a social group about blackjack on Facebook. This group holds a combination of his name and game title. Moreover, if we look back in early 2016, the rapper made a joke about almost winning the famous American jackpot. He had met three out of the five numbers.

If you want to try your luck and potentially win a great monetary prize you can do it at online casinos. But you should be careful and select only reputable websites. For this purpose, you should read a review and check other players’ impressions.

Lady Gaga

This pop diva has a well-known song that is called “Poker Face”. It was number one in music chats in 2008. Of course, it is not about gambling or poker itself. But there are some reasons to believe that Lady Gaga is a fan of poker.

According to multiple sources, she has been seen frequenting casinos in Las Vegas. It has been alleged that she enjoys taking part in poker activities for fun and relaxation with her friends. Winning or losing doesn’t matter to her, as she simply enjoys the game.

Top 3 Pop Stars Who Adore Gambling Activities


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