Do you want to become a Tiktoker? Reverse side of the coin

Do you want to become a Tiktoker? Reverse side of the coin

Social networks have long taught users that appearances are deceiving, and real life is very different from that shown on TikTok. Truth is hard to distinguish from lies, not all bloggers have the appearance of models. For this reason, #CatfishChallenge has become a revelation for many.

What do tiktokers look like from the side?

Tiktok was formed on the basis of two formats – Vine and Instagram. The first gave the world short humorous videos, and the second became the standard of glamor, a platform for edited photos in the feed. Tiktokers are divided into two camps – Straight and Alt. If the former from the tape do not lose videos about a glamorous sleek life, then the latter are not afraid to show non-obvious humor and ridicule the desire to adapt to popular trends.

Followers of the Alt movement often upload videos of the filming process to the network, what bloggers look like from the outside. On the Internet you can find a lot of funny videos, as for the sake of a beautiful picture, people often risk their health and even lives. In India, local bloggers often took pictures in front of trains, which sometimes led to deaths, and there was a ban on filming near the railway in the country.

A typical tiktoker evening:

Bloggers are easy to recognize by body movements and expressions that are not typical of ordinary people on the street. Tiktokers often get into stupid situations for this reason, there are cases when novice bloggers were taken to the police, often during the shooting of pranks.

An interesting fact: many are at a loss as to what the ticker tokens from the Lenta store look like, confusing the past action with the Tik Tok social network and its participants. There is no connection. Marketers skillfully took advantage of the trend and successful consonance.

What do tiktokers look like without makeup

But sometimes even lovers of beautiful pictures start to get bored with focusing on appearance. The desire to reveal the real appearance to subscribers leads to the popularity of flash mobs, one of the most famous of them is #CatfishChallenge. It was launched in 2020 by Australian model @moldogaa. She was not afraid to impose her real appearance on an artificial picture, hitting fans.


What do tiktokers look like


What do tiktokers look like

After the publication of the video, several million people subscribed to @moldogaa, such interest from the audience provoked several similar videos from other bloggers.

TikTok bloggers have tried to debunk the myth that all people on social media are beautiful. A large number of subscribers can be obtained with an ordinary appearance, real beauty is often hidden behind deceit. The flashmob turned into a real challenge for many girls on social networks, they shared their real faces on social networks without filters and makeup.

A year later, a similar flash mob was launched on the network, where users showed themselves without makeup and stylish clothes to the track of rapper Kendrick Lamar Humble. It was launched by Lizzo, she was not afraid to show her curvaceous figure in a revealing swimsuit and launched a new trend on TikTok.

Later, hundreds of thousands of other users, including media personalities, joined the girl. Bloggers complained that they were tired of constant photoshop, they showed their real appearance and figure flaws. Interestingly, some tiktokers without makeup began to look even better and younger, which users noted in the comments.

You can have different attitudes towards these flash mobs, but you can’t help but pay attention to the fact that TikTok is gradually changing its positioning solely as an entertainment platform. In modern social networks, a wide variety of topics that are acute for society are raised, such as body positivity and the fear of many people to show their true face without makeup.

Do you want to become a Tiktoker? Reverse side of the coin
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