Blank Room Soup: new facts surfaced

Blank Room Soup: new facts surfaced

The Internet is full of strange psychedelic videos. Some can cause fear and other unpleasant feelings. Often such videos are overgrown with rumors and legends. A similar story happened with the Blank Room Soup video. An amateur camera recorded strange events that may be more terrible than they seem at first glance.

Blank Room Soup: History and Meaning

The video appeared on the Internet a long time ago. Its roots must be sought in 2006. The video was uploaded to YouTube much later, which did not prevent it from causing a second wave of hype, the echoes of which are still walking in search engines.

The video shows a man who greedily eats soup in an unusual outfit (an apron on his naked body). After a certain time, people in life-size puppets come up to him and stroke the eater, which causes a real hysteria in the latter. There is also a second part of the video. Unlike the first one, it does not cause bewilderment, but fear, because the man eats through force, and in the finale of the short film, a doll quickly runs up to him. This video ends abruptly.

The first to upload the video to the network was Raymond Percy (RayRayTV channel), known for his work in the animated series The Simpsons and many animated films from Disney (from the new products – the cute cartoon “Ponchars”). However, he immediately said that he had nothing to do with him and received files from the video in the mail from anonymous people. The director could not do otherwise, because it was he who created the life-size puppets. His characters were never positioned as evil.

Blank Room Soup: history

Percy explained the situation quite simply. During the tour of his actors, someone stole these costumes from the dressing room. Literally a few weeks later, the video with them was already on Ray’s email.

Internet users quickly built several versions of what was happening. The idea of ​​a terrible crime became the main one. RayRay suits were used by intruders who kidnapped the unfortunate man for debts. Soup they made from his family (wife) and forced him to eat this food. The story is reminiscent of a classic horror and went well with the audience. This conjecture began to be spoken of as a reliable fact.

Why You Can’t Google: Exposing

Having gone viral thanks to YouTube, the soup case has taken a new turn. Someone launched a duck that the author drew it from the depths of the darknet, and the short film itself has mystical properties. Everyone who googles or watches it will soon find themselves in a similar situation or simply face fatal troubles.

Particularly impressionable people can really lose the dream of what they saw, but it is not capable of a larger video. The origin of the video remains unknown, but for 15 years no one has acquired proofs confirming unpleasant guesses.

You can enter such a query into a search engine. Your computer or smartphone will not be affected, and neither will you. It is enough not to go to dubious phishing links.

The public will most likely not see an exposé or outright refutation of the mini-movie’s plot. But such a long absence of any hint of evidence of the original theory speaks volumes. Raymond Percy did not search for the truth or found anything worthwhile, because he never went into details. He limited himself to an ingenuous story about the missing dolls and a mysterious letter. Someone hyped at the dawn of the Internet. Fans of cheating views have repeatedly brought up this material and are still doing it.

What thoughts does the meme vid evoke in you? The author of the craziest (but plausible) idea in the comments will receive a bonus story that no one knows about in Runet.

Blank Room Soup: new facts surfaced
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