Life path of adult model Sia Siberia

Life path of adult model Sia Siberia

Full name Anastasia Kroleva
Occupation actress 18+, model
Date of Birth 25.04.1995
Height /Weight unknown
Family status Single
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Sia Siberia is an adult video actress and cosplayer from Russia. Was nominated as Favorite Cosplay Performer.

Sia Siberia – actress biography

The real name of the actress and model is Anastasia Kroleva. She was born on April 25, 1995. The girl lives in Russia, apparently in Tomsk (information from geolocation tags). She often travels to European countries.

Sia Siberia
Nastya as Misamisa

It is known that in 2017 Nastya traveled around Russia. By her own admission, the nude photographers with whom she worked did not allow themselves too much and did not molest the girl, although she does not exclude that this happens in this area.

The girl posts more or less decent cosplay photos on Instagram and VK social networks. In 2018, she posed as Jinny Weasley (a female character in the Harry Potter universe) for an American online magazine.

To keep her body in great shape, Anastasia visits the gym, goes in for sports, doing it with enthusiasm.

Career of Anastasia Kroleva

Nastya started her career as a webcam model around 2016-2017. Then she moved on to more serious shooting in the “strawberry” videos, which are laid out on world-famous platforms. The girl is also active on Snapchat. Private and non-private recordings of Anatasia are popular on the Internet. The girl has snow-white skin, there are no piercings and tattoos on her body. He is not shy about posting pictures without makeup, willingly responds to messages to subscribers in the comments.

An interesting fact: once Kroleva appeared on a video with a Goblin. The girl approached Puchkov in a revealing Spider-Man costume, and he was surprised (or feignedly) when he looked at the beauty. Some users were shocked by this appearance, as they believed that Sia was a foreign model.

The model also starred in a photo shoot with Dementy, Goblin’s partner, with whom the latter has been friends for over 20 years.

Nastya Kroleva photo
A candid shot from a joint photo shoot with Dementy

Personal life

The personal life of Sia Siberia is shrouded in a veil of obscurity. A young man appears in the videos (his face is not visible), but it is not clear whether he is the model’s boyfriend, friend, or just an actor. On one website, Anastasia put her marital status as “single”.

Sia Siberia now

Nastya periodically struggles with the bans of her pages on Instagram, considering the blocking unreasonable. She encourages subscribers to send complaints to the administration with calls to unblock their accounts. Efforts on Instagram were not in vain, the girl was unbanned from one profile, although she had already managed to create a second one. Fans did not rejoice for long at the two pages of an Internet celebrity on this social network, as new blocking was not long in coming.

Sia Siberia is also on Twitter, this page is intended primarily for an English-speaking audi

Life path of adult model Sia Siberia
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