Most Popular Twitter Accounts in the World – Top 10 Pages

Most Popular Twitter Accounts in the World – Top 10 Pages

If earlier popularity was measured by the number of people at concerts or performances, today the number of subscribers in social networks determines the popularity of a public figure. The number of followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter is a direct indicator of the success of the stars.

Which celebrities have the most followers on social media? Whose stellar life do subscribers from all over the world like to watch? Below you will find out which stars have the most popular Twitter accounts.

Katy Perry

The ranking of the most followed people on Twitter, whose lives are followed by tens of millions of people from all over the world, is headed by Katy Perry. The Hollywood singer has been the most read star in the world for several years in a row. She was the first to cross the line of 100 million subscribers and continues to be very popular. Today, Katy Perry has 106.9 million followers on Twitter, and the singer regularly maintains her blog, shares her thoughts and information with her followers.

Justin Bieber

The second position, with no less active popularity, is confidently occupied by Justin Bieber. The young Canadian pop singer uses the network as a promotional platform for his work. Justin Bieber’s army of followers now numbers 105 million.

Barack Obama

Already the former president of America actively uses the advantages of Twitter and publishes information of a political nature (and not only). The 44th leader of the United States has 104.5 million readers.


Since 2009, American singer and pop diva Rihanna has been using Twitter to carry out her production activities: she publishes clips, singles, and announces fashion collections. The number of Rihanna fans on Twitter is 89.4 million.

Taylor Swift

Practically stepping on the heels of Rihanna and closing the top five most popular stars on Twitter is the young singer Taylor Swift. The singer has been running her personal blog since 2008, where she posts photos with close friends, from vacations and travels. 83.4 million subscribers love the country blogger for her subtle humor and video reports.

Lady Gaga

The eccentric singer is ranked fifth and has 77.7 million subscribers in her army. Previously, the pop diva was considered the most followed star on Twitter until she was supplanted by younger artists. What the singer publishes interesting: personal photos, informational posts, her observations, fragments of concerts.

Ellen DeGeneres

Popular American public figure and comedian Ellen DeGeneres maintains her Twitter blog with a touch of comedy. 77 million followers from all over the world love the subtle humor of the Emmy winner. It was Ellen who became the author of the most retweeted selfie she took at the Oscars with popular actors.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Young and energetic Cristiano Ronaldo is in demand among 76.5 million subscribers. A well-known football player with Latin American appearance and roots, of course, writes about football, personal life in his blog and shares live photos with subscribers.

Justin Timberlake

The pop singer has been running his account since 2009 and the number of his followers is growing every day. Today, the number of its subscribers reaches 64.7 million. On his blog, the singer and actor publishes personal travel photos, shares musical compositions, and communicates with other celebrities.

Ariana Grande

Closes the Top 10 popular Twitter accounts is the young singer Ariana Grande. She also quickly won the attention of Twitterers, as well as the attention of all her listeners. By the number of subscribers, and the girl has 60.5 million of them, she overtook Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and even the idol of the 2000s Britney Spears.

Will someone else be able to break into this top in the near future?

Most Popular Twitter Accounts in the World – Top 10 Pages
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