Morgenshtern restaurant: can you sit in it with pleasure?

Morgenshtern restaurant: can you sit in it with pleasure?

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the bright performer Alisher Morgenshtern decided to go into the restaurant business. He plunged into the new business with his usual scope. In October 2020, the KAIF Provenance restaurant opened its doors in the center of Moscow. What is the new establishment like and what can visitors expect from it?

Morgenshtern opened his own restaurant

In July 2020, blogger and businessman Janis Grek told Alisher that he had looked after a magnificent location in the very center of the capital. By that time, a hookah bar was living out its days there, which was significantly affected by the lockdown. Morgenstern was struck by the roof – a huge glass dome. An unusual architectural solution awakened a restaurant master in the musician.

“I played music – enough. Now I want to play restaurateur, ”said Alisher in an interview with Yuri Dudyu.

The performer invests in the business both in money and in name. For the arrangement of the interior, he had to pay about 1 million US dollars. The young man is not sure that the investment will soon pay off. However, Alisher does not want to bother with this. As a toy, KAIF satisfies all his needs. To quickly attract money, according to the owner of the establishment, he would open a burger joint.

The idea for Kaif was born in the head of Janis Grek from Team A. He was thinking about a bright and outrageous character who would become the face of the institution. Morgenshtern seemed to Janis the most suitable shot.

Restaurant Kaif by Morgenshtern

Legally, the project is formalized as Kaif LLC. The ultimate beneficiaries are Alisher and Janis (Eduard Popov). Their shares in the enterprise are divided equally, despite the fact that it was Morgenshtern who made the lion’s share of financial and image investments.

The final product was created by Janis and Stefan Grek (two brothers from Team A). All expenses were entered in a detailed table, but the main investor at the time of opening the estimate did not take an interest.

Restaurant Kaif by Morgenshtern

The hallmark of KAIF Provenance is a huge dome that will cover almost the entire area of ​​the restaurant. The second highlight is the fountain of impressive dimensions, as for an enclosed space. The location is distinguished by a riot of greenery. All vegetation is alive and rooted.

Restaurant Kaif by Morgenshtern

A surprise for Morgenshtern fans was the introduction of an age limit. Entrance to persons under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited. Those wishing to visit the location must bring their original passport with them. Given the target audience of Alisher’s work, such a decision can be considered a blow to the post. But if you study the latest reviews on Google, it becomes clear that Kaif has enough visitors even without schoolchildren. No sold-out, but no downtime either.

Many guests are not very familiar with the creativity and style of the owner of the establishment. However, the 30+ generation will not be put off by Morgen’s specific sound. KAIF Provenance plays music a la Preity Woman by Roy Orbison.

Critics speak reservedly about the restaurant. They have no obvious claims, but there are reviews that sound like notes of doubt about the success of the enterprise.

At the first stages of the restaurant’s operation, Alisher completely immersed himself in the process of customer service. Sometimes he takes and issues orders as a waiter. This gave rise to a wave of people who wanted to be photographed with a famous person at minimal financial cost. Morgenshtern even posted a story indignantly. He insistently demands to make room for those who really want to relax and enjoy the kitchen.

Kaif: address, menu, prices

A new place for gatherings is located along Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, house 13. The huge dome can be seen from the satellite by going to the maps from Yandex or Google. The location has favorable geography. Not only Muscovites, but also tourists often walk in this area.

Prices in this restaurant correspond to its class and location. Some express dissatisfaction with the pricing policy, but it would be naive to demand budget prices from such an institution.

The KAIF Provenance menu is quite varied. But this primarily applies to alcoholic beverages. Often there are reviews that the choice of dishes in Kaifa does not reach the restaurants. The objectivity of such value judgments must be tested empirically.

Restaurant Kaif by Morgenshtern

The signature dish was a golden burger for 777 rubles, and the must-have cocktail was Kaif’s signature mix for 1,200 rubles. A detailed price list and assortment can be found on the Kaif page on Instagram. It is the @kaif.provenance page that is the source of all the photographic materials used in this article.

Disclaimer: This is an introductory article about KAIF Provenance. The authors do not evaluate the restaurant, service and quality of food.

Morgenshtern restaurant: can you sit in it with pleasure?
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