The mysterious actress who flashed in the advertising of Sber MegaMarket

The mysterious actress who flashed in the advertising of Sber MegaMarket

The popular Russian company clearly knew how to attract the attention of the layman after rebranding and loudly declare itself. Once upon a time,, with the support of Bolt Production, shot a video in which the magnificent vocals of Maria Olkhova presented in a new way, the almost forgotten dashing song “On the Louboutins ..”. Only instead of Louboutin, on the air: iron, cat food and diapers. The brand was also attracted to the viewer’s attention by a girl in an evening dress sitting on a giant inscription “cashback”.

Who starred in advertising Sber MegaMarket

For a twenty-second video, the advertisers transformed the girl into various characters several times:

  • smiling sportswoman with dumbbells;
  • a housewife in pajamas with a towel over her head;
  • a woman in a dressing gown and curlers;
  • a businesswoman in tortoise-shell glasses, never looking up from her laptop;
  • a full-bodied cook, on the verge of a grand cooking, armed with a mixer and a bunch of ideas.

But this is only in the video, the girl looks so “non-individual”. In life, this is a very bright “exhibit”. At 23, the beauty is not married. And posted on her Instagram, a video in a wedding dress is a fragment from a film being shot in Gelendzhik with her participation.

Bright girl from advertising Sber MegaMarket

Judging by the requests in Google, the video stirred up the country. Only the lazy did not ask who this girl was. This refers to the latest advertisement of Sber MegaMarket. The video features a young actress. Her name is Griba Liana Dmitrievna. It owes its exotic name to its origin. The beauty comes from Latvia, and studied, until entering VGIK, in the Latvian language. She is fluent in Russian and is learning English. In 2017, after completing an acting course, the girl announced her intention to become a famous actress. Griba has excellent external data, self-confidence and bright professional skills. She plays the piano and sings. It is not her voice that sounds in the video, due to certain requirements for vocals when performing a cover of the song by the Leningrad group. Liana dances well. And, once inspired by the work of Vanessa May and Asia Akhat, the beauty graduated from a music school in Riga, violin class.

In addition to actively participating in the filming process, the girl is recording videos on TikTok, where she already has more than 103 thousand subscribers.

Liana has been actively acting in films since 2018. Initially, the girl received roles in episodes. There she was noticed by the producers. In 2018, she had to participate in two episodic roles in films:

  1. Joker-3. Animal hunting.
  2. The last chance.

2020 was marked for her by participating in the new season of the TV series The Fortune Teller.

In 2021, there are 6 films with her participation, now in the main roles:

Plays Margot in the film “The Secret of Family Life.”
Christina at the Phoenix Hotel.
Victoria in the movie “Rugby”.
Svetlana Klimko in the joint Russian-Belarusian film “The Fate of a Saboteur”.
Elya in the film “Crystal”.
Now the shooting of the film “March of the Dawn” continues, where Liana Griba plays the role of a violinist.
It remains to wish the talented actress further success in her chosen field. After all, she still needs to put so many of her talents into practice, to the delight of a grateful public.

The mysterious actress who flashed in the advertising of Sber MegaMarket
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