Actors of advertising Ozone Express: all the secret became clear

Actors of advertising Ozone Express: all the secret became clear

In May 2021, the express delivery service Ozon Express launched a new advertisement “We’ll deliver to your country house in an hour!”. Following the trends of recent years, a humorous and colorful video was made. Recognizable people were invited to the role of the main characters. But it will not be possible to answer the question of who exactly starred in advertising in an impudent manner. It’s hard to get rid of the feeling that all the faces on the screen are familiar, but where have we seen them before?

Who starred in the Ozone Express commercial about meat

The main characters are husband, wife and children. The plot is tied around these characters. The family is driving in a car to the country house. On the way, the wife offers to go shopping. Soon there is almost no free space left in the cabin due to grocery bags and other things, a dog even suddenly appears there. Children have fun in the back seat, and the exhausted husband says: “So much torment, in order to just eat meat in nature.” Everyone understands that they forgot the most important thing – meat. After that, the man says that next time they will order everything on OzonExpress and they will definitely not forget anything.

A simple plot with understandable humor based on the deception of expectations is catchy thanks to the actors. They are the ones who made the video so popular.

Actors from advertising Ozone Express

Ozone often invites celebrities to his commercials (Dmitry Malikov tried on the image of Joey’s hologram in an allusion to the movie Blade Runner 2049). This time was no exception, because the actors appeared in the frame, not the first link, but obviously not nonames.

Throughout the video, the main character sings a song, voicing both himself and his wife at the same time. Both the role and the song itself were performed by Arthur Dilanyan, an actor of the KVN team “City of Pyatigorsk”, a participant in the Tik-Tok Talent show on Pyatnitsa TV channel. In 2011, together with the KVN team, he won a prize in the Higher League, receiving a lot of positive feedback from the jury and recognition from the audience. Known under the pseudonym Jan Dylan, he writes music and scripts, and also works as a host at festive events. Yang records funny videos to rap of his own composition, in which he plays several characters at once. He posted the Ozon video on his Instagram account @yan_dilan, listing the names of everyone who participated in its creation.

The main character’s wife was played by Alexandra Vinogradova (@sashavino). Alexandra is a professional actress with extensive experience: the girl graduated from GITIS and worked for some time at the Lenkom Theater, but later decided to devote herself to cinema. Many people remember her from the films “Method” with Khabensky, “Hotel Eleon”, “Policeman from the Ruble”.

Miroslav Aksyonov (@miroslav_aksionov) and Anna Izotova (@anna_izotova) played the roles of children. Miroslav is 10 years old and he has already starred in the short film “Into Other Worlds”, the TV series “Declared Dead”, “Pilot” Lucy “and in two commercials for” Magnet “. His photo can be seen on the packaging of Colgate, on the websites of Detsky Mir, Lexus, LEGO and other major brands. Anya is 12 and she is an aspiring vocalist, actress and model

Creative producer Aleksey Fisun left an Easter egg in the ad – his Instagram nickname (Fisun Canina) is clearly visible on the dog food, which the hero throws into the back seat. Aleksey was produced by other Ozon campaigns: the same video with Malikov, the webpunk video “There is in St. Petersburg”, “Trucks” and others.

Actors of advertising Ozone Express: all the secret became clear
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