Hit Advertising “Megafon”: was there a Bruce Die Hard?

Hit Advertising “Megafon”: was there a Bruce Die Hard?

Megafon has taken a creative approach to a new advertising campaign and is creating its own universe of superheroes. To attract the attention of the audience, famous actors were invited to the shooting, and the process itself is directed by director Ilya Naishuller. By November 2021, three episodes of commercials had aired.

Actors advertising Megafon 2021

With the help of the advertising series, Megafon is trying to convey the latest news and offers to potential customers. Each episode is a complete story in which the tandem format of two partners of secret agents is played out. They find a way out of any difficult situation, and the recognizable faces of the actors contribute to the popularity of the brand.

The main roles in the project are played by Bruce Willis and Azamat Musagaliev. The first one is attractive for an age audience; a comedian and presenter from the TNT channel was chosen for young people. He plays the role of a simpleton, a little naive, but always finds the benefit of any situation.

The first episode of the series was published in August, it stars the well-known Russian host Azamat Musagaliev and Hollywood actor Bruce Willis. The partners were close to defeat amid espionage intrigues, but found a way out of a difficult situation thanks to MegaFon products. The ability to communicate with a negative balance saved the lives of the heroes.

Азамат Мусагалиев

In the new episode, the agents were joined by the girl Eva, her role was played by TV presenter Yana Koshkina. Eva tells Azamat and Bruce the advantages of using a multi-subscription for brand products and advises them to save money. The Eva voice assistant is a new product in the Megafon line and should make it easier to negotiate, including offering a transcript of the conversation and filtering out spam.

The last video, the third in a row, appeared in October, it was almost completely created using a neural network. Superagents are negotiating with pandas, harsh animals demand better conditions for using Megafon. Bruce has a hard time finding a compromise with the panda gang and offers them a month of free communication. Recent rivals are shaking hands, and under the mask of a panda is a pretty girl.

In the near future, 12 more videos featuring the superhero duo have been announced. What kind of actors will play secondary roles is still unknown, future characters are not disclosed. In general, it is worth recognizing that the advertising company from Megafon was positively received by critics and the audience.

Advertising Megaphone with Bruce Willis

Megafon chose from several Hollywood actors, but settled on the image of Bruce Willis. In Russia, the actor is associated with reliability and justice, the film “Die Hard” has a cult status in the Russian-speaking space. In favor of the actor, his experience in remote filming played, the work was carried out using viHit advertisingdeo communication.

Bruce Willis did not spend a single day on the set, the Russian company used a digital version of the actor. A character similar to Bruce was created by representatives of Deepfake, using almost 34 thousand frames from the cult films The Fifth Element and Die Hard. Digital Bruce turned out to be young and speaks Russian.

The actor liked the accuracy with which his image was recreated. He thanked MegaFon for the opportunity to star in an advertising blockbuster without leaving the United States. In total, the Russian company paid Willis almost two million dollars for permission to use his recognizable image in advertising.

Hit Advertising “Megafon”: was there a Bruce Die Hard?
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