Red Velvet: briefly about the group and each member of the Korean team

Red Velvet: briefly about the group and each member of the Korean team

Red Velvet is a K-pop musical group consisting of 5 girls. Known outside of South Korea for her successful blend of music styles.

Red Velvet Members: Brief Bios and Photos

In 2014, after 5 years of producing brilliant trainees, SM Entertainment formed the girl group Red Velvet. The format of 4 beautiful and talented girls has truly become a breakthrough in the K-pop industry. A year later, the 5th participant joined the team.

Irene from Red Velvet

The girl is the oldest member of the group, was born on March 29, 1991. Discussion of her stage name in Russian is often heard among fans. Some prefer to follow the transcription and rules of English pronunciation – Irene, others are sure that it is correct to say Irene.

Red Velvet Members Joy, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri Biography

The real Korean name is Bae Joo Hyun. According to official figures, her height is 160 cm and weight 44 kg. She is the true leader of the team, as she performs the main vocals and rap, and is the central figure in the visuals. The biography notes the work of a TV show host and an actress in a drama on the web platform.

Joy’s story from Red Velvet

It is considered the most touching and loving girl in Red Velvet. A fan of selfies and many compliments, she has a delicate nature and good looks. Prior to her musical biography, she received offers to enter the Miss Korea contest.

Irene from Red Velvet biography

Real Korean name is Park Soo-young. She was born on Jeju Island in September 1996, the 3rd. According to official data, she has the highest height and weight among the team members – 168 cm and 54 kg. She got into the production studio through casting in 2012. Prior to that, she graduated from the South Korean School of the Arts along with the soloist of the group Yeri, who is also her best friend.

Red Velvet Wendy: Biography

The main vocalist of the team, which was trained outside of South Korea – in Canada, where she left after the 5th grade with her older sister. It is considered the most emotional, as it often shows vivid reactions to the events taking place around. This makes her very different from Seulgi.

Red Velvet Wendy biography

Real name is Song Seung Wan. The official height is the same as Irene – 160 cm. Weight – 47 kg. She was born in Seoul on February 21, 1994. Was a member of several TV shows. The singer is the main vocalist of Red Velvet. In parallel with her work in the group, Wendy recorded a number of songs with other musicians, including star Ricky Martin and rapper Yuk Gid.

Seulgi is a dancer from Red Velvet

The contestant is recognized as an idol among connoisseurs of the dance decoration of the Red Velvet numbers. In the history of her development, voice problems are often mentioned, so the girl heavily emphasized the visual plasticity of the body. According to Wikipedia, it is Seulgi who is considered the face of the group, and in numerous photo shoots she stands out with her charisma.

Seulgi Red Velvet biography

Real Korean name is Kang Seul Gi. She, like Wendy, was born in 1994. Only the name day is celebrated 11 days earlier – February 10. A 164 cm tall Korean was the first member of the group to be introduced. The creative biography began in 2007.

Yeri is the maknae of Red Velvet

The youngest soloist of the musical group. She joined the line-up later than the others, namely in March 2015, at the time of the debut of the mini-album “Ice Cream Cake”. Was criticized by netizens for making positive comments about Kim Jong-un. This happened after an exclusive concert in North Korea, which was attended by the North Korean leader himself.

Yeri Red Velvet biography

Real name – Kim Ye Rim, born in March 1999, the 5th. The height of 160 cm matches according to official data and fan calculations. I grew up in a large family – there are 3 younger sisters. In addition to working in a girl band, he is a co-author of songs for the Ragoon group. He is friends with Korean actress Kim Sae Ron and often shares photos of them on Instagram.

Red Velvet songs

The first album with the title track “Happiness” captivated listeners not only inside South Korea, but also popularized Korean music throughout Asia. In addition, in August 2015, Red Velvet already performed on the American stage in Los Angeles. For 6 years of biography, two successful full-fledged studio albums and 9 mini-releases were released. In 2018, the project was recognized as the best K-pop implementation by Time magazine.

Red Velvet group

In addition to the constant interest of the public in the life of the band members, their surnames and names in Russian, an important point for the fans is the pronunciation of the lyrics. Transcriptions of fresh Red Velvet tracks are constantly posted to K-pop communities to properly sing along to their idols. In December 2019, the latest hit “Psycho” was actively analyzed. This song attracted the attention of not only fans, but also critics. Each verse is performed by a separate participant and tells the story of one love.

Red Velvet: briefly about the group and each member of the Korean team
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