Continuation of Ustinov’s story? A case was opened against a woman after she was hit by a Russian guard

Continuation of Ustinov’s story? A case was opened against a woman after she was hit by a Russian guard

Recently, the Russian progressive public was outraged by the case of Pavel Ustinov, who was convicted for an accidental clash with the security forces. Then his colleagues in the workshop stood up to protect the actor.

It is well known that this is not an isolated case. Recently, the law firm Gordon & Sons reported another egregious situation.

The story began in the summer of 2018, when Konstantin Kvashnin, a member of the National Guard, settled in a house on the 15th Parkovaya, Izmailovsky district of Moscow. According to eyewitnesses, he immediately began to behave inappropriately, overlaying obscene language on the residents due to the fact that the janitor put a remark about parking in the wrong place under his car. Tatyana Ivanova (as the main one in the entrance) got the most.

The tenants did not want to live with Konstantin under the same roof, and the owner of the apartment asked Ivanova to help assemble an initiative group to evict the guardsman. People gathered and went to the apartment, in response to which Kvashnin began to film what was happening, threatening to post it on social networks, presenting the situation in a negative light for Tatiana. The woman tried to close the camera, to which Konstantin hit her in the chest. According to medical records, the injuries were assessed as having moderate severity. Tatyana applied to the police department, but she did not get any result. This was followed by a lawsuit against the inaction of law enforcement agencies, which was won. The court began a process against Kvashnin, but due to the loss of X-ray data, the case did not go far.

Soon, the National Guard met Ivanova in the yard, insults began. A colleague and friend Gennady stood up for the woman, a fight broke out between the men, and Ivanova’s mother was accidentally or not accidentally injured. Kvashnin removed the beatings, wrote a statement against Gennady and at the same time against Tatyana. The court found them guilty under Part 1 of Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the payment of non-pecuniary damage in the amount of 10 thousand rubles was also awarded.

In order to pay for the services of lawyers, legal costs, examinations, etc., the woman had to sell her business (related to diamond drilling). Tatyana also complains about a significant deterioration in her health and threats from Kvashnin. The federal employee is not going to stop there and is preparing a new major lawsuit to recover moral damages.

Ivanova and the residents filed complaints to a lot of authorities, receiving only replies. The only one who responded and provided some assistance was State Duma deputy Zharkov A.V.

The problem lies in the fact that the story has not gained wide publicity. Actors and other celebrities did not stand up for the victim, only human rights lawyers help her here.

Material source: Gordon and sons.

Continuation of Ustinov’s story? A case was opened against a woman after she was hit by a Russian guard
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