I cry for techno – a groovy track about the sad realities of spring 2020

I cry for techno – a groovy track about the sad realities of spring 2020

Inspired by the sad situation in Europe and the broadcasts of the quarantine life of Italians, musicians from the Khleb and Cream Soda groups released a video for the song “Crying for Techno”. The lockdown moved the parties to the balconies, and the Chicken Curry studio beat this case just in time.

New party locations

A truly creative idea came to the creators of the video even before the introduction of the self-isolation mode. They managed to implement it on the territory of the new residential complex “Meshchersky Forest”. The area where the video was filmed is located in the west of Moscow, almost immediately beyond the Moscow Ring Road. The futuristic picture has developed due to the modern type of building, or, as ordinary people call it, “anthills”.

Smooth, but fast transitions from one actor of the video to another subconsciously personify the feeling of searching. Relatives and relatives torn apart by distance have already managed to get bored in a short time of isolation, so the effect of a searching look came in handy. The clip is of particular importance for single party-goers, who are now forced to have fun in the only location that is at least somehow connected with the outside world – a balcony or a loggia.

The clip started on YouTube on April 11 and collected 1 million views in a day. In addition, the video received a flurry of rave reviews. Literally the next day, the inimitable Alexander Gudkov launched a challenge in which self-isolated people can break away to a new track on their balcony. In less than a week, more than 7 thousand people joined the flash mob online.

Who starred in the video “I’m crying for techno” “Cream Soda” and “Bread”

The video project brought together such bright people who incredibly decorated the clip and made it full-fledged, despite the short running time. The first girl with a cosmic appearance appears on the empty and distant balcony – this is the soloist of “Crem Soda” Anna Romanovskaya. The rest of the musicians from the band also appeared in the video in outrageous attire.

The second group of the collaboration – the performers from “Khleb” are also dispersed over the frames and are not shown together. Denis Kukoyaka generally appeared on the big TV screen, conveying the atmosphere of work and communication via remote work. Gudkov could not, as always, deny himself and came out in a gymnastic leotard. And at the end of the video, he was already dressed in an anti-plague suit. The rest of the actors, by and large, set the same masterpiece effect and the “party on the balcony” trend.

crying for techno dancers

After the successful appearance of Dima Krasilov in UNO, he was invited to this project. Moreover, without changing the image – the actor is still in the same bright blue jumpsuit. He was joined by colleagues in the show “Dancing on TNT” – Nikita Orlov, Sasha Pertsev, Dima Bonchinche and Ulyana Pylaeva. All of them were remembered by the audience as unusual and original dancers. Such an accurate introduction by Pertsev on the 1st chorus, and the chaotic movements of Pylaeva’s hair in the 2nd – really give goosebumps to fans of the clip “I’m crying for techno”.

The meaning of the song “Crying for techno”

The first version of the track was released in 2017 and even has a real music video. In December of that year, critics and reviewers were sorting out the song’s lyrics and looking for meaning. Everyone agreed that this simple and banal story is taken from the well-known storyline of the hit “He Kisses You” from “Hands Up!”. There are even assurances that Sergei Zhukov himself gave his blessing for such a reinterpretation of his masterpiece. Indeed, the storytelling of “Crying for Techno” is very similar to describing the feelings of a broken-hearted guy. In 2017, the song sounded from a male person.

In a fresh reading, only the first person has changed – now the girl suffers from longing for her beloved, with whom everything was fine a year ago. Important attributes around which the attention of young people is kept are shoe brands. Fashion trends in images are diluted with the names of DJs, whose music sets all the romance of the moment – techno turns out to be sad, the main character cries. It is noteworthy that the meaning of the text only indirectly relates to the surroundings where the clip was filmed. Everything is tied together by one simple concept – separation.

crying for techno dancers

I cry for techno – a groovy track about the sad realities of spring 2020
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