The meaning of the song “Beekeeper” by RASA: analysis of text and video

The meaning of the song “Beekeeper” by RASA: analysis of text and video

Summer is honey harvest season. The duet of Ras decided to work according to the season and released the explosive track Beekeeper. Vitya and Dasha first pleased with a cool sound, and a little later they gave out a clip. You will be very surprised when you learn about some of the references in the words and video of the Beekeeper.

“You are a bee, I am a beekeeper”: meaning and references in the text

The main message of the hit was the love between Dasha and Vitya. As you know, they are a loving couple that they carry through their work. This is the main message. The lovers have a strong bond, common interests and views. The bee and the beekeeper are units from the same coordinate system.

The text describes the relationship of a couple who spend time together. They fly from love and hang out until the morning. Comparison of characters with a bee and a beekeeper is acceptable. The beekeepers will not approve of it, realizing that the beekeeper is using the bee to collect honey. But they will also confirm how much the honey master loves his little girlfriends, cherishes them, warms them in the winter. The poetic component is quite understandable, so do not take the words too literally.

We consider the phrase “And I’m lucky, and I’ll be carried away in the dance” as an interesting reference, because the bees really dance. With peculiar choreographic steps, they point the way to the most juicy flowers. The authors make it clear that the characters are counting on the seriousness of the relationship – mutual understanding, support, trust. You can’t do without luck, which is fair.

The words “we are just bees – ready for anything” have two meanings at once. Bees are really ready for anything for the sake of preserving the family, its well-being and development. Likewise, characters can go to any heroic deed to maintain their love.

Clip Race “Beekeeper”: analysis of the meaning

The video sequence is quite classic for RASA’s creativity with a special honey flavor. The author of the video showed that he knows firsthand about bees. Dasha with a dancer move to the beat of the melody in the honeycombs. The wild beehive is an allusion to a trendy club, and in it are party girl bees. But the main characters are the frontmen of the group. The love line runs as a white line across the entire clip. However, the emphasis is on the youth component. The text in only one verse refers to parties, and the directors chose them as the main direction. The authors decided not to make special references.

The meaning of the song “Beekeeper” by RASA: analysis of text and video
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