Latest news about Michael Schumacher. The condition of the famous racer is improving

Latest news about Michael Schumacher. The condition of the famous racer is improving

At the end of 2013, the whole world was shocked by the news of a tragic accident that occurred in the French ski resort of Meribel, as a result of which the seven-time Formula 1 champion, speed king Michael Schumacher received a severe head injury. From the death of an athlete saved the helmet, split from hitting a stone. The doctors of the Grenoble clinic, where the famous racer was taken already in an unconscious state, reported two neurosurgical operations and an artificial coma into which the famous patient was introduced.

In 2014, neurosurgeon Erik Riederer suggested that an athlete would never be able to completely get rid of the consequences of an injury and that he would probably face a lifelong disability. It cannot be expected that an injury of such complexity will pass without a trace, the Swiss surgeon said, while noting that it will be difficult for Michael to adapt to the new realities of life, in which he will not be able to do without outside help.

Over the next few years, both doctors and family members refrained from making any comments about the rider’s physical condition. Since 2015, it has been known that Michael is undergoing intensive rehabilitation on his own estate in Switzerland, but there has been no reliable information from family members or official representatives about how the famous German athlete feels in the media.

Many tried to make money on the personal tragedy of Formula 1 stars, for example, when transporting Shumi from France to Switzerland, a package of documents with pictures, test results and research was stolen. The abductor turned out to be an employee of an airline carrier who tried to sell documents to the media, but was arrested and committed suicide in a holding cell. The paparazzi kept the Swiss estate of the Schumacher family under siege, hoping to get a photo of an athlete chained to a wheelchair. It is known that a certain person with access to the mansion was indeed able to take several photos of the racer, but the family prevented publications that could harm the emotional and physical state of Schumacher.

In December 2018, Corinne Schumacher broke her silence and finally issued a statement in which she announced that the recovery process was proceeding safely and that Michael’s relatives were doing everything possible to help him recover from his injury. The rider’s wife also noted that confidentiality is, first of all, the desire of Michael himself, who has always been scrupulous about the details of his personal life. Corinna Schumacher and the official representative of the athlete thanked the fans for their understanding, devotion and support.

The Daily Mail reported that the athlete spent his anniversary and New Year holidays with his family in Spain, and although the recovery process cannot be considered complete, he can already move independently and communicate with his family.

On September 10, 2019, the famous German underwent surgery for the introduction of stem cells in one of the clinics in France. According to the French edition of Le Parisien, Schumacher came to his senses after the operation. The nurse assured reporters that he was conscious.

In 2022, it became obvious that Schumacher would no longer return to his former life.

Latest news about Michael Schumacher. The condition of the famous racer is improving
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