Who brought up the most popular rap artist in Russia? Biography of Marina Morgenshtern

Who brought up the most popular rap artist in Russia? Biography of Marina Morgenshtern

Morgenshtern Marina Yuryevna, married Marina Valeeva, mother of the outrageous rapper Alisher Morgenshtern.

Biography of Marina Morgenshtern

There is surprisingly very little biographical information about the family members of the famous Russian rapper and blogger Morgenshtern on the World Wide Web. Basically, these are meager facts from life without specific details and dates. Alisher himself does not talk much about the details of his family’s life, and relatives are not public people. Perhaps this is the reason for the lack of a large amount of information.

It is known that Morgenshtern is the maiden name of the mother of the rapper Marina. Her father, Yuri Morgenshtern, was seriously ill, and from some sources there was information that the family allegedly allowed the euthanasia procedure to free a loved one from torment.

marina morgenshtern family

Marina Morgenshtern lived in Ufa, was married to Tagir Fagimovich Valeev, who was a big business owner of the Ecomaxservice LLC company. The company was engaged in the processing of non-metallic waste and scrap, the production of petroleum products, the retail trade in motor fuel, etc.

On February 17, 1998, the couple had a son, Alisher. The father left the family when the child was still small, and when the boy was 11 years old he died. Problems in business led to addiction to alcohol, which caused the death of a man at a fairly young age. So the father did not take part in the upbringing of the future star, and indeed, during his lifetime, he was practically not interested in his son.

Marina Morgenshtern was also a fairly well-known businesswoman in Ufa. She was engaged in the flower business, owned a chain of flower shops under the brand name “Nicole”. The business was quite successful, there were many large government orders. The family lived quite comfortably, the mother supported her son’s passion for music from an early age. Once she presented him with a professional microphone, with which Alisher recorded his first musical composition. This happened when the boy was 12 years old.

It is known that somewhere in 2009, Marina Morgenshtern got married for the second time and she has a youngest daughter. Brother and sister maintain family ties and are quite close to each other.

Moving to Spain

In 2017, Marina Yuryevna firmly decided for herself that she could no longer do business in her native country, and went to live in Spain. There was information that the reason for this decision was the result of a conflict with the authorities, who confiscated her business premises. There is also evidence that she deliberately bankrupted her company and changed her place of residence. Marina has a twin sister, Natalia, who still lives in Ufa and has a profitable flower business under the already well-known name “Nicole”.

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Marina Yurievna Morgenshtern now

At the moment, Marina Morgenshtern lives in Spain with her daughter. She owns real estate, which she rents out and makes a profit from it. Also, my beloved son helps my mother.

As in any family, misunderstandings arose between mother and son, but, according to Morgenshtern, this was due more to the transitional age and now there are warm relations between relatives.

There are very few photos of Marina Morgenshtern on the network, she is not active on the Internet and does not advertise her personal life. But still, she appeared publicly in October 2020 at the opening of her son’s restaurant in Moscow. The woman even gave an interview in which she speaks with love and pride about her adult child.

Who brought up the most popular rap artist in Russia? Biography of Marina Morgenshtern
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