Manoj Tiwari wife: exclusive story of the woman from past relations

Manoj Tiwari wife: exclusive story of the woman from past relations

Who is Manoj Tiwari wife is a topic that has thrilled his fans since 1999 and worries his political supporters and opponents today. The actor and the politician had several serious relationships. It is easy to get confused in them, because not a single Manoj Tiwari wife has ever performed in public with her life story. This article has some exclusive data.

Manoj Tiwari wife Rani (Wikipedia)

Manoj Tiwari is a member of the Indian National Congress. Before his political career, he was a popular singer and actor. During his creative youth, he met a girl named Pratima Pande. In 1999, they got married, after which the girl changed her name to Rani Tiwari.

The couple have a daughter, Rhiti. After her parents divorced in 2012, she lives in Mumbai with her mother.

Manoj Tiwari wife: who is Rani

Rani Tiwari biography and personal life

Pratima Pande was born in India to a family of athletes. Her brother was a professional cricketer. Indian fans know him by the name Arun Pandey.

How old is she? Definitely less than 50. The details are shrouded in mystery, because women cannot be asked about their age.

Since 1999, the woman has been using the name Rani Tiwari. She founded the sports company Rhiti Sports, which she named after her daughter. Rani is on the company’s board of directors. The former captain of the Indian national cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, became the chief director.

The divorce litigation between the entrepreneur and the politician began in 2011 and lasted at least a year. The family problems were caused by rumors about the affair between Manoj Tiwari and actress Shweta. They still have friendly relations today. However, no one knows for sure if there was a serious relationship between them during their participation in the reality show Big Boss 4.

After the divorce, Rani Tiwari plunged into work. She did not appear in public until the end of 2021. The woman was seen in an unexpected company. Popular singer Ekam Bawa posted a romantic photo with Rani on his Instagram.

The couple later confirmed that they have a warm relationship. More joint photos began to appear on social networks.

Manoj Tiwari wife Surbhi

Manoj Tiwari has been single for 8 years. In 2020, he got married. Surbhi became his new wife. Almost nothing is known about her. The couple welcomed their daughter in December 2020.

Surbhi Tiwari is the famous namesake of Manoj Tiwari’s wife. The actress is married to an entrepreneur. She probably doesn’t even know Manoj.

Manoj Tiwari wife: exclusive story of the woman from past relations
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