The best films of Lars von Trier

The best films of Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier is a very extraordinary person who is equally loved and hated by the public. His films are provocative, outrageous and have a great atmosphere. Trier’s films are himself. Regardless of how you feel about this man, you should not deny his talent.

To get a feel for the rich and varied universe of the Danish filmmaker, it’s worth checking out his best work. We have compiled the top 5 films of Lars von Trier.

“Idiots” (1998)

The second part of the “Golden Heart”, which has sufficient value as a separate picture. She so shocked the public that the director was called a pornographer and was not awarded any awards, although the picture was later included in the Danish cultural canon. The actors of this picture, playing the inhabitants of a free commune, who pretend (or not) to be idiots, should have been completely liberated under the camera’s gunpoint. To help the actors, Lars came to the set naked.

Leftists reveal their self in the most extraordinary ways. Will it lead them to a brighter future?

“Dogville” (2003)

Despite the fact that he did not deserve any awards or nominations, the director considers his best film. The almost complete absence of effects, scenery and costumes is a transcription of biblical truths about God, God’s punishment and Christian forgiveness. Nicole Kidman shone in the film, Stellan Skarsgard, Ben Gazarra, Paul Bethany and others also played in the film.

“Antichrist” (2009)

Arthouse horror with two characters, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe, trying to cope with the loss of a child, is dedicated to Tarkovsky, and, brought to Cannes, was booed and brutally ridiculed by critics. At a press conference, Lars was asked how he even dared to present this picture. Without hesitation, he replied: “Because I am the best director in the world!”.

This is a film book, which is divided into 4 chapters with a prologue and an epilogue. How will a loving couple cope with the horror that has fallen on them? The author clearly conveys the idea that our world was created by the devil rather than God.

“Melancholia” (2011)

Kirsten Dunst played the title role in the film. The tape is considered the most benign creation of the master, but at Cannes he unsuccessfully joked about his supposedly loyal attitude to Hitler, which is why he was expelled from the prestigious festival, and the press fell upon him, accusing him of sympathy for fascism. Several cases were opened against the director, which, after humiliating investigations, were discontinued. Over the next few years, Lars kept a vow of silence, appearing in public with his mouth taped shut.

“Nymphomaniac” (2013)

Provocative, full of unprecedentedly frank on the verge of porn episodes, the odyssey, in which the heroine unsuccessfully tries to find sexual harmony, is released on screens in an abbreviated version and in two installments with a half-year pause. The full version of the film lasts more than five hours, it was presented by the director at the Berlin and Venice festivals. The main role in the shocking film was played by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The nymphomaniac tells her story to an old virgin. This is a collision of two different worlds. The denouement leaves an interesting aftertaste. You will definitely want to discuss it with your friends.

The attitude towards films of any director is formed from a combination of various objective and subjective factors. So the choice of the best of the best is purely personal. That is why we have arranged the films from our top in chronological order. Which one will impress you the most, only you know.

The best films of Lars von Trier
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