Lindemann’s hit “Ich hasse kinder”: an unexpected message from soloist Rammstein

Lindemann’s hit “Ich hasse kinder”: an unexpected message from soloist Rammstein

On June 1, 2021, just in time for Children’s Day, the premiere of a new work by Mr. Lindemann “ich hasse kinder” took place. This video has the same relation to the work of the Rammstein group as the work of Emigrate led by Richard Kruspe. Many fans are still arguing who the song is dedicated to – a maniac killer, fans of the childfree movement, or victims of school bullying. In this article, we will try to understand the main messages of ich hasse kinder and what meaning Till put into his text.

Who starred in the clip Ich hasse kinder

The little-known Sergey Gray, the author of the full-length film Lindemann: Live in Moscow, was directed by a sensational video on the network. Already in the second minute of the video, Alexander Revva appears on the screen in an unusual and far from comedic image of a police officer of an interrogating officer. In one of the interviews, the glamorous Arthur Pirozhkov admitted that during the filming he even injured his hand, imitating the beating of the main character.

Ich hasse kinder

This time the role of Till’s wife went not to the silicone Loboda, but to the heroine of the films “Ice” and “Ice 2” Aglaya Tarasova. The girl looked quite harmonious in the frame with the Rammstein frontman, realistically playing a loving wife. In the image of little Lindemann was a 13-year-old actor (known from the youth) Nikita Khasanov. The teenager noted the amazing ability of the Rammstein leader to quickly transform and enter into character on the set. In total, more than 20 children starred in the video, including Nikita Khasanov and Oleg Milyakhovsky. It remains to be hoped that, having matured, these guys will not sue Mr. Lindemann, as was the case with The Wall from the cult Deep Purple.

The meaning of Lindemann’s song and video “Ich hasse kinder”

If you think about what the song “I hate children” is about, then first of all thoughts about maniacs with a difficult childhood come to mind. In fact, the video contains clear references to one of the bloodiest murderers in history – Andrei Chikatilo. The killer also toured the cities on trains and electric trains, brutally killed children and at the same time was a quiet family man. Some fans of the work of the Lindemann project saw the resemblance of the protagonist to Anatoly Slivko, a Soviet teacher and pedophile.Ich hasse kinder meaning who was filming

The video clearly shows how child bullying and bullying affect a person’s personality. Little Till is constantly beaten at school, the boy is bullied and does not even suspect what it means for a child to be an outcast in society. Even as an adult, this kid does not go anywhere. He sits inside and all his life bears resentment and wounds from childhood, if possible taking out his pain on the people around him. Till systematically and methodically takes revenge on each offender, choosing the most bloody methods of murder.

The first verse of the song “I Hate Children” contains the intriguing lines: “I’m getting on a plane … A little more, and I will express my complaint … After all, a baby is sitting next to me.”

Another of the most likely interpretations of the meaning of this song lies in long journeys by air. People who have survived at least once a 5 or 12 hour flight understand perfectly well what it means to be in the same cabin in the company of small children. This is almost continuous crying, whims and kicking of the seats in front of the seated passengers, who involuntarily have the words “ich hasse kinder” in their heads. It is likely that it was at such a moment that the Rammstein vocalist first had the idea for this video.

Lindemann’s hit “Ich hasse kinder”: an unexpected message from soloist Rammstein
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