Krystal Swift: a lot of information, but which one is true?

Full name

Krystal Swift

Occupation actress, model
Date of Birth 09.16.1988
Family status single
Height/Weight 165 cm/ 56 kg
Tik Tok
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Krystal Swift is top rated actress and model Her magnificent forms, seductive movements, and look full of passion made her a popular and sought-after adult film actress. In addition to beauty, the girl has a mind and understands which projects should be fought to make a profit. Beauty managed to earn an excellent net worth. Here you will find something like Wikipedia data about Swift, but informative enough to satisfy your interest.

Biography: Age, Real Name, Family

Actress and model were born on September 16, 1988, in Prague, Czech. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Krystal Swift is not her real name. It’s an exact fact. This is typical of her work. If you google it, you may come across information that her name is Anna Rédei. It is indeed a Eastern European name, but the reliability of this information is questionable. We would not recommend taking this as a credible statement. Most likely, sites that offer such information are just as hype as those that claim that her stage name is her real name.

Similar story with her family. There are too many rumors on the internet. The girl, for obvious reasons, does not share information about her parents and family members.

Her height is 165 cm, and she weighs 59 kg. The star has just perfect parameters. A brown-eyed beauty with dark blond hair wears size 38 (EU). She prefers to dye her hair white.

The girl loves to travel, shop, and take selfies. Her favorite colors are blue and red, and her favorite food is hamburgers. Besides, she is very fond of dogs. Her favorite clothing brands are the world famous LOUIS VUITTON, Levi Strauss & Co, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. She also has bad habits: the star smokes.

Krystal Swift Biography


The star began her career in the adult film industry at the age of 23, namely in 2011, when she made her first film. Then she starred in various videos as an actress and immediately was liked by the audience. She is a very experienced actress, whose seductive forms and charming driving in the frame reward the fans. She has worked with film studios such as Videorama, Pulse Distribution, Desire Media, and Score Group. She starred with actresses Sophia Lee and Carmen Croft.

Krystal Swift Net Worth

The star’s net worth is rumored to be (approximately) US$200,000. There is also information that the star’s net worth will be $100,000 – $1M. She is not only obligatory and beautiful, but also understands how to increase capital, and what projects will bring profit.

How to connect with an actress on social networks?

Krystal Swift Biography

The woman is not only well known on AV video websites. She can also be found on Twitter @KrystalSwift1 and @krystalswiftofficial2, where she has 27.9K followers. Her beautiful and passionate videos are just amazing. The beauty was able to gain a lot of subscribers on social networks, and they are delighted with her beauty and charm.

Does she have a husband or boyfriend?

We cannot know for sure if her heart is free. However, it is obvious, that the woman is not married and has no children.

A bright and beautiful actress draws attention to her person. We hope that she will continue to delight us with gorgeous videos.

Krystal Swift: a lot of information, but which one is true?

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