What is Miyagi & Andy Panda’s song “Kosandra” about: about a goddess, dope, or a beloved woman

What is Miyagi & Andy Panda’s song “Kosandra” about: about a goddess, dope, or a beloved woman

In February 2020, the long wait of Miyagi & Andy Panda fans ended with another hit track “Kosandra”. The duet released the first song of the year for Valentine’s Day and, out of habit, touched the hearts of millions of listeners. Despite the lack of a full-fledged clip, about 10 million people have already listened to the audio recording on YouTube.

Meaning of Miyagi & Andy Panda song

The masters of deep philosophy never went into deciphering their creations. Almost every new composition of Ossetian musicians is of interest. For some, a pleasant beat and a soft melody are enough. Others are ready to disassemble the lyrics of the song into atoms in order to get to the origins of its secret message.

From the school program for studying ancient Greek myths, most have remembered the spelling of the name of the goddess Cassandra. Therefore, few people paid attention to the correct name of the track “Kosandra”. Some of those who are dedicated to the intricacies of doping for creative people are sure that the song is about a plant drug. Or rather, about the integral element through which it is used. In the circle of connoisseurs, “cosandra” is called the same “jamb”.

Cosandra meaning of the song

Indeed, the composition has inclusions of “reggae” and the reference to intoxicating substances is quite understandable. According to Andy Panda’s (Endgame) English-language insert, it is clear that the authors are referring to some object that relieves pain. The second line translates as “he breathes you and says nice to meet you.” Instead of the word “breathes” – breathes, some hear another “greets” – get to know each other. But the label Hajime Records on the official account posted the lyrics of the track with the word “breathes”.

Miyagi and Andy Panda address the goddess

Most thoughtful listeners are still sure that the goddess “Cassandra” became the heroine of Miyagi’s and Endgame’s ideas. The bottom line is that the daughter of the Trojan king rejected the love of Apollo and was punished – deprived of the faith of the people in her divine gift of divination. It was her predictions of the tragic fall of Troy that went unheeded. Therefore, one of the options for interpreting the text of the song is to wait for the events predicted from above.

The musician understands the outcome of this or that situation, but still believes that his fears and anxieties will not come true. This version takes place only for the first quatrain. If you listen to each line further, then their meaning bears little resemblance to an appeal to a mythical nymph.

“My wild cassandra”: what is the meaning of Miyagi and Andy Panda

The word “allegory” prompts fans to their own, personal perception of the composition. Each listener can imagine his “wild cassandra” – a person, a problem, a disease – and hear in the song what will help him.

Romantic personalities saw a conversation with their beloved woman in the new hit of Miyagi and Andy Panda. She is personified by the phrases “playful padra.” Someone is sure that “padra” means girlfriend, others have found the meaning – “rubbish”.

Miyagi and Endgame Kosandra text

Yet the line “Ragga bless us, we’ll buzz today” has nothing to do with love lyrics. It further strengthens the option with banned smoking substances. And “wild” means the origin of the plant itself.

The performers tried very hard to disguise the true message of their composition. It turns out that Rastafari fans will accurately determine their meaning of the text of the song “Cosandra”. The rest can safely fantasize and look for figurative meanings for personal understanding.

What is Miyagi & Andy Panda’s song “Kosandra” about: about a goddess, dope, or a beloved woman
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