Clip LINDEMANN “Platz eins”: hidden meaning and facts

Clip LINDEMANN “Platz eins”: hidden meaning and facts

The team of the famous Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren never ceases to shock the audience. The guys recently released the scandalous clip Platz Einz, in the censored version and the uncensored version, where there are explicit scenes. A censored version is available on YouTube, but the comments are closed, apparently to avoid conflicting disagreements between users and their criticism. Therefore, it is not possible to find out how the audience understands the clip. We offer you our own interpretation of the meaning of the video and Platz eins song.

 LINDEMANN Platz eins: the meaning

The meaning of the song Platz eins

The song’s title translates as “Number One”. The performer sings tirades to himself, indicating that he is the best, that all women belong to him and that the whole world will sing about him. His life principle is “all or nothing” – i.e. he is ready to achieve goals at any cost. Other phrases from the song: “God already has a favorite” (the performer is implied), “everyone sings along in chorus” (mad about their idol).

The meaning of the clip LINDEMANN Platz eins

The story of the conceited man in the song takes on new nuances in the video, although there are no direct allusions to the bacchanalia taking place on the screen in the lyrics. According to the storyline, Till mocks girls, and in a parallel reality, he lies in a hospital bed without limbs. “Active life” can be interpreted as the memories of a sick hero. He kidnaps girls, locks them in cages, enjoys their desperate screams and suffering, has sex with them.

Смысл клипа LINDEMANN Platz eins

Sex scenes have certainly caused a negative situation in the feminist community, as they can be perceived as a humiliation of the female. But it should be noted that the actions seem to be done without coercion, i.e., for example, no one forces female fans to have sexual intercourse with rock idols after the concert, this happens by mutual consent.

How important is the attention of devoted admirers / admirers to the singer, that without him he remains without arms (and without legs). He looks exhausted and depressed without such nourishment.

Hidden scenes and 18+ version

Fans will remember the insane scenes in Rammstein’s 2009 “Pussy” music video. No less provocative is the video clip “Knebel”, already from LINDEMANN. The eminent German, who will soon turn sixty, decided not to leave the vicious path, so the uncensored Platz Einz is actually pornography. It is not known for sure (and it is not clear from the frames) whether the members of the group themselves participated in the XXX episodes, or whether these roles were played by porn understudies, some users suspect that here “the old man went all out”. Others have reasonably noted that it is easier to hire an actor to save yourself from potential litigation,

LINDEMANN Platz eins: the meaning 18+

Scenes with sex, including oral sex, are closed with a black triangle in the “for everyone” version. To watch the uncensored version, you need to follow the link under the video clip on Youtube hosting, but then you need to register and pay a certain amount (2 euros) for access. Pirated versions, previously downloaded by other people, periodically appear on the Internet, and then are deleted at the request of the copyright holder.

The meaning of the ending of the video

At the end of the clip, the main character dies after being injected with a powerful dosage of a drug. He does not regret his dissolute and brutal lifestyle, but retribution overtakes him. Moral: firstly, you have to pay for everything, and secondly, a fatal outcome is inevitable for any representative of humanity. To live it with dignity or immorally is everyone’s personal choice.

LINDEMANN Platz eins: the meaning

Other facts

  • The director of the work is Zoran Bihak, a German of Serbian origin, who directed the mentioned clip “Pussy”, as well as many commercials for Toyota, Nike, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Jim Beam and others.
  • Girls in Platz Einz wear masks in the form of the face of the deceased Till.
  • A non-censored version is available on the German adult video site Visit-X.
  • The song is included in the new album of metal band F&M. Svetlana Loboda was filmed in the “main” video of this album, whose paternity of the child is attributed to Lindemann.
Clip LINDEMANN “Platz eins”: hidden meaning and facts
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