Kitty Jaguar: well-known girl in narrow circles

Full name

Kitty Jaguar

Occupation actress, model
Date of Birth 02.18.1989
Family status single
Height/Weight 170 cm/ 60 kg
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Kitty Jaguar is a popular spicy actress. She has a very memorable appearance. The girl is very secretive and makes fans guess about her family, real name, boyfriend, and other facts that are not on Wikipedia. There are several interesting twists and turns in her biography that are worth learning about.

Biography: Wikipedia Facts

The Latin American was born on February 18, 1989. According to the zodiac sign, she is Aquarius. Her hometown is Mexico. It is not entirely clear exactly when she moved to the United States.

Fans also know KITTY JAGUAR as Kitty Caulfield, Kitty Culfield. This is not her real name. If there are rumors and speculations about some actresses on this topic, then Internet resources are afraid to speculate about this tattooed beauty.

The brown-eyed beauty is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has many tattoos that can be seen in her hot videos. The girl also has a piercing and tattoo picture in an intimate place. The meanings of the images on her body are hardly very serious. This creates a very vivid image, which is more important than messages or signs.

Kitty Jaguar wikipedia


The star began his career in the adult cinema industry in 2017. Since then, its popularity has increased. She struck fans with her sexuality, magnificent forms, and frank hot scenes. The girl collaborated with such well-known studios as Alterotic, Adneena Winters, Richard Mann’s World Jasonmichaels3x, Brandon Lee Harrington Productions. She admits that she loves her work. This looks like the truth. She is no longer young compared to other actresses of this genre. However, she continues to work. Perhaps soon she will do something else, but she did not announce her retirement.

She recently became a radio presenter on iWantRadio. This is a radio station that is dedicated to the theme of love and more frank relationships. She talks about her work there. Discusses the problems of other actresses or lovers of hot pleasures.

Kitty Jaguar Boyfriend

Kitty Jaguar boyfriend

The woman is bisexual. She is equally happy to have relationships with men and women. She does not have a husband or permanent boyfriend. The actress has established herself as a girl who does not need a serious relationship. Perhaps she became a hostage to such a stage image. She does not talk about plans to start a family.

Kitty Jaguar Net Worth

Kitty Jaguar net worth

This is an actress with a fairly high rating. On one of the popular sites of a special orientation, videos with her gained more than 20 million views. This is not a record, but many of her colleagues feel the envy of such popularity. Monetizing such traffic could make her a millionaire. Her net worth is definitely close to $1 million. She does not have expensive sponsorship contracts. She did not start a personal business. This is due to the fact that she has no plans to end her career yet. However, this limits her in potential earnings. A woman loves her job so much that she does not think about huge money. This does not mean that she is not rich. Her capital is higher than that of many aspiring bloggers and artists.

Kitty Jaguar: well-known girl in narrow circles
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