Isla Summer: Life and Work of a Beautiful Girl

Full name

Isla Summer

Occupation actress, model
Date of Birth 02.18.1989
Family status in relationship
Height/Weight 162 cm/ 59 kg
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Isla Summer is a spicy movie actress who boasts 127 million views on one of the dedicated sites. Bright beauty impresses fans with her charm and model parameters. She did not get a page on Wikipedia, but she forever won a place in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of men and women. There are many white spots in her biography. It is easy to explain her as a difficult profession. But the interest of the fans must be satisfied.

Biography: Age, Real Name, Family

American beautiful actress Isla Summer was born on June 9, 1997, in the US. Her hometown is California, USA (at least she lives there now). According to the sign of the zodiac, the girl is Gemini. The height of the star is 162 cm, and the weight is 57 kg. A brown-eyed brunette wears 38 (EU) clothes. She has Asian roots. She is not an immigrant, but one of her parents is from the Far East. She does not want to talk about her parents and their relationship to her profession.

The real name of the actress is controversial. She will reveal it only when she finishes her career.

The woman loves traveling and shopping. She also likes to take selfies. Her favorite clothing brands are Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Levi Strauss & Co.

Isla Summer wikipedia


Stars began her brilliant career in the AV industry in 2019. Star’s first shooting in “Model Hub” took place. The actress also collaborated with different studios. She immediately began to receive offers from different companies. The beauty’s stage name is ISLA. She has been working in the interesting entertainment industry for only a few years, but she is already very famous and recognizable.

On the Internet, you can easily find the Isla Summer clothing brand. Perhaps the girl has a direct relationship with him. If so, then he has a very good reserve for life after the end of his career. She doesn’t look like a woman who will be in this industry for too long. Many of her ex-colleagues have gone into business and sell various fashion items very successfully.

Isla Summer Net Worth

The net worth of the adult genre star is rumored to be approximately $500,000. Other rumors say her net worth is $ 1 million to $ 3 million. We will never know the exact figures of her because she prefers to keep this information a secret. Obviously fantastic figures should be ignored. Main. The girl created accounts in some special social networks. Subscribers pay her for content. It’s not millions of dollars. She lives a decent rich life, but has not yet become a millionaire.

Isla Summer Boyfriend

Isla Summer boyfriend

A girl with a memorable Asian flair was seen in a video featuring both men and women. It does not belong to the LGBT community. In the frame, she does her job. In real life, she is interested in men. She definitely had a relationship with a colleague on the set named Oliver. The depth of their relationship is not entirely clear, but he can be considered the boyfriend of this young actress. The couple is not yet thinking about marriage.

Isla Summer: Life and Work of a Beautiful Girl

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