Get verified (blue badge) Instagram and TikTok quickly and easily

Get verified (blue badge) Instagram and TikTok quickly and easily

Stars and top bloggers are easy to recognize by the blue tick next to the name of their account on the social network. Such a sign confirms the authenticity of the page. This is part of the fight against bots that has proven to be effective. Verification is available for novice bloggers, artists and even ordinary Instagram users. But it will not be possible to get the desired distinguishing mark on your own. There is a solution to this problem.

Why a blue check mark on Instagram or TikTok

The presence of a blue icon confirms that the administration of the social network has verified the person behind the account. Any user can create a page on behalf of any person. A special mark confirms that the account was created by a bona fide owner.

In addition to its pragmatic role, the badge has a strong rating function. It is available only to the most popular network characters. At the initial stages of developing a blog or becoming an artist, the mark will become indispensable for promotion. This is much more important than cheating subscriber bots and participating in dubious giveaways, because it arouses genuine interest among the public and creates a sense of trust in the account and its owner. For any online business, this factor can be crucial.

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How to get verified on Instagram and TikTok

Some millionaire bloggers cannot boast of verification, because they do not know all the nuances of passing it. A huge audience of followers is not a decisive factor. The right approach will allow you to stand out among the millions of Instagram users with minimal time and money. The Pop&Top team (see Contact Us to get in touch) has developed an efficient verification methodology that increases your chances of earning a blue badge.

How to apply for verification (algorithm of your actions):

  1. Login to your account;
  2. Open the settings tab;
  3. Select the “request confirmation” tab;
  4. Fill in the empty fields and attach documents (passport or driving license, links to media publications about you);
  5. Wait for consideration by Instagram administrators.

At the last stage, many promising applications were killed. Many people do not know that your media significance and recognition is important for a social network. If the media does not mention you in publications, you should not count on a tick. A similar verification principle applies to TikTok.

Get (buy) blue verification badge

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If you google the best ways to get a verification badge, you will get a lot of dubious offers. Search engine results are littered with promotional offers. Most of them are aimed at extorting money. The most obvious way to cheat is offers to buy a blue Instagram badge. You should not waste time on such materials, because verification is not for sale, and promises to connect friends in the Instagram office cannot be trusted. The option of stealing personal data is not excluded, because dozens of services are asked to provide access to the account.

Good practice has proven that it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel. The social network provides a transparent verification procedure and it should be followed. The main thing is to create the right media background around your personality.

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We (Pop&Top portal) receive hundreds of applications for publishing materials on the site. Very often placing biographies is ordered by intermediaries who promise their clients to receive the coveted mark. This is the correct approach. However, after a long communication with similar services, we found that the vast majority of intermediaries are negligent in their tasks and are aimed solely at a quick profit from a naive blogger or artist. We have a lot of examples when an intermediary refused our services and ordered dozens of publications on low-quality sites. As a result, their clients did not receive any ticks or preferences.

Our team has decided to launch an effective service for obtaining a blue verification checkmark. We manage a network of high-ranking sites of various profiles. This allows you to create the right presence of the customer in the media, which will suit Instagram, other social networks and even Wikipedia.

Ordering a set of publications is convenient for both us and the customer. Wholesale price, competent distribution of information on sites, gradual implementation in search engines is the key to a positive response from insta, savings and promotion on the network. To contact us, go to the “Contacts” section (support service works 24/7). Please note that we do not need your personal data and access to your page. You fill out the application yourself. We take care of the preparation that will help you achieve what you want.

Get verified (blue badge) Instagram and TikTok quickly and easily
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