Hake with a head (photo): a terrifying sight or why it is sold without a head

Hake with a head (photo): a terrifying sight or why it is sold without a head

In supermarkets and fish shops, hake is always sold without a head. And this is good, otherwise the number of buyers could decrease.

This is what a hake with a head looks like (this photo made a splash on Pikabu):

Heck with a head
Heck with a head. Source: Pskabu

Why do stores always sell headless carcasses or fillets? You might think that the reason lies in the not very pleasant appearance of this fish. But most likely, it is The best dishes from hake with a headmore commonplace – so the hake does not deteriorate longer. And a hake is still a hake, regardless of whether he has a head or not. This is an edible fish. Do not believe those who attribute it to the tops of fish that are best not to eat.

Here is a live hake (view “European”) in a better perspective:

live hake with head
Live hake. Source: Wikipedia

A few more pictures:

Hake head buy sell
Hake on the counter
Hake with head photo
Hake with head frozen
Hake with head photo
Hake head close up

Information sheet. Hake (or hake) is a genus of fish from the hake family. The fish is found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, on the continental shelf (surface and subsoil of the seabed), at a depth of 100 m to 1 km. Merluza is a predator, she prefers to spend time at the bottom, but she can rise to the middle and upper layers of the water while hunting. She needs huge teeth to catch herring, sardines and other prey. If the prey is really bad, the hake can eat his brother (i.e., he can be a cannibal). It is a valuable industrial fish, low in calories and not very fatty. Most supermarkets sell it frozen. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the European hake can weigh up to 15 kg and be up to 1.4 m long.

Evaluation of the beauty of this fish is very subjective. Moreover, as you can see, it all depends on the shooting angle and on a particular individual.

Despite the intimidating head, this fish is quite tasty. Of course, the taste and color of markers are different. Do you like hake dishes? Perhaps you know some secrets of cooking this cute fish. Write in the comments below!

Hake with a head (photo): a terrifying sight or why it is sold without a head
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