Everglow – top member facts

Everglow – top member facts

South Korean K-pop group Everglow debuted on March 18, 2019. The girls from the group made their way to success through the reality show Produce 101, the essence of which is the selection of participants and the formation of new female or male K-pop groups. Could the Korean members of her team imagine that they would compete with BTS in terms of popularity?

New fans of Everglow’s work may initially find it difficult to distinguish between the beauties, but each of them is unique and brings their own unique contribution and charm to the project. We have collected interesting facts about all the members of the new female group, whose videos are gaining tens and hundreds of millions of views.

Iyu from Everglow

By age, the oldest was born on May 19, 1998 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Her name is Park Jiwon, and her stage name is Iyu (E:U), which means “Especially for U”, i.e. for you. Iyu is known to have an older sister and a dog named Kongsam. In the group, she occupies the positions of leader, main rapper and dancer, as well as vocalist. The girl represents the color purple. EU is 160 cm tall and weighs 43 kilos.

Iyu from Everglow biography

A few interesting facts:

The EU has posted several videos on the Yuehua YouTube channel.
She was a model for the brand STARE Shoes.
She loves to ride the subway.
The idol of EU is the famous K-pop singer, model and social activist Lee Hyori.
Sheehyeon is her roommate.

Everglow Sihyun – Biography

Kim Shi Hyun or Sihyeon was born on August 5, 1999 in Bundang-gu, South Korea. She is an old-timer of the team, her color is green. She occupies the positions of the lead vocalist, the face of the team and the visual. Sihyeon can be easily identified by their smile, as upper front teeth slightly protruding. The participant is quite tall (168 cm), but loses to Aisha in height. Weight – 51 kg.

Everglow Sihyun biography

Facts about the singer:

Shihyeon loves melons and loves to ride the bus. Hates red vegetables.
She and Iyu often jokingly say that they are dating.
The girl does not mind lying all day on the couch in front of the TV.
She likes pets and the animated saga Frozen.
Kim’s hobbies are collecting and cooking delicious food. She also loves nail art.
Favorite food: corn dogs, cheese sticks, Oreo cheesecake, rice cake and noodles.
Shikhen is not good at navigating the area, say, if you need to get to a hotel in an unfamiliar city.

Aisha from the Evergles

The girl was born on July 21, 2000 in Suwon. Her real name is Ho Yurim (Heo Yoorim). Aisha is considered one of the most visual members of the team, although she is officially positioned as a vocalist. Aisha is also the lead rapper of the group. Her color is black. He is one of the tallest K-pop leaders – 174 cm. He weighs 55 kg.

Aisha from Everglow biography

  • Aisha’s favorite music group is Day6. She listens to them daily.
  • Aisha loves to dance and knows Japanese.
  • The male half of Everglow’s fans surely like her expressive eyes.
  • Aisha’s best friend within the group is Iron.
  • Her favorite colors are purple, black and mint.
  • The stage name comes from the name of the continent (Asia), she wants to conquer it.

Onda from Everglow

The future K-pop star was born on May 18, 2000 in Seoul. She is Jo Serim in real life. Onda’s positions are lead vocalist, lead dancer and visual. Strong in melodic vocals. Onda weighs 42 kilograms and is 1.66 meters tall. The representative color is purple.

Onda from Everglow biography

What you need to know about Onda:

  • She is the most timid member of the team.
  • Cho’s unique feature is the smiling expression on his face. In the photo above, she is still quite serious.
  • She’s a Harry Potter and Twilight fan, as are a lot of the girls of her generation.
  • Onda’s flexible fingers allow her to show her the perfect heart shape with her hands.
  • Her motto in life: always think deeply and work hard.
  • American pop idol Ariana Grande is Onda’s role model.
  • For eighteen years, she was sure that she had an “A” blood type. It turned out – “B”.
  • Iron from Everglow
  • Date of birth – December 29, 2000, and real name – Wang Yiron (Wang Yiren). Unlike her colleagues, Iron is Chinese by nationality. Her homeland is Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China.

The young performer did not fantasize much with the choice of a stage name, which is simply her last name. She has the most positions in Everglow: vocalist, center, lead dancer, visual, rapper and maknae (youngest); responsible for white. Height and weight: 163 cm and 42.3 kg.

Iron from Everglow biography

A selection of interesting facts:

  • Some friends report that Yiren has been dancing for eleven years.
  • Her favorite dish is pasta, but she can’t stand fish.
  • Iron’s hobbies are quite ordinary – go shopping and cook something delicious.
  • Differs in care and meticulousness to trifles.
  • The group is the youngest member.

Mia from Everglow

She was born in Gimhae on January 13, 2000. In everyday life – Han Eunji. Blonde Mia has a lot of roles and screen time as she is a unique character with both a great voice and amazing dancing skills. The representative color is red. Positions: main vocalist and dancer, rapper.

Mia from Everglow biography

Interesting to know:

  • Mia’s main features are satoori (a specific South Korean dialect) and low vocals.
  • She hates hospitals and is also afraid of the dark and thunder.
  • Together with Onda, he likes to spend money, which costs a pretty penny for a girl group.
  • Loves pets and chocolate. Likes to take pictures with a selfie camera.
  • If her schedule had a completely free day, she would sleep 24 hours.


This girl participated in Produce 48 along with Irene and Sihyun. Some people believe that she is part of the team, but she is not. She is currently performing in the project group IZ*ONE, which will last two and a half years. The production center did not comment on the issue of Yen joining the line-up.

If you know worthwhile information about the members of Everglow, their biography, personal life, do not be shy – write in the comments below the article!

Everglow – top member facts
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